Rainy Days and Cloudy Skies

Rainy days and cloudy skies

Are some of my closest friends

Rarely do I feel so alive

When I feel the rain on my skin

It purifies, and takes away my pain

A better touch I haven’t felt

The rain’s gentle caress

It feels so good that I could melt

I don’t need the sun to shine

To feel good inside

The cloudy skies protect my eyes

From the sun’s harsh rays

Hide me out from brighter days

Afraid to embrace the warmth

I’m so used to the somber greys

Should I change my ways

Is it already too late

To let go of my self-hate

It’s lonely but peaceful standing out here

Embracing my friend the rain

Is this how I’m supposed to feel

Standing under the cloudy skies

Is this the only way I can feel alive

… Wow, that was really amazingly bad.  Oh well.

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