Shoutouts #1

Just write something, it doesn’t matter what.  Maybe you won’t keep it, but you should at least write something every day.  So that is what I am trying to do now.  Quite honestly… I have no reason not to, and I should have been for a LONG time now.  No deep thoughts or intelligent talking points are coming to mind.  I’m just killing time because I’ve got nothing better to do right now.  So just write something.  I guess I can do a few shoutouts, say hey.

This shoutout right here goes to Patricia and Lucy from Dinged Corners Thanks for the awesome lot of cards, I may have already sent out my end of the trade, if not for the fact that I’m still not sure what to send.  I don’t know how to quantify it, such a cool and random (heh, kinda like me) lot.  I’ll figure it out, get ’em up, and move ’em out.  Hopefully this will be soon.

This shoutout is for Bailey at The Nennth Inning For somehow finally making me come back to my own blog.  I don’t know why, I’d been thinking about it for awhile, but you pushed me back over the top.  Maybe it just was seeing a cool new blog.  Whatever the reason, I’m back, and now y’all are stuck with me.  Ha!

Oh yeah, I should be able to get your cards sent out today.  They’ll at least get packed up and be ready for shipping on Monday, if nothing else.

This shoutout goes out to my Jacky Muffin Are you okay?  I’ve been worried about you.  The way you left, it just… didn’t seem like you.  Whatever is goin’ on, please let me know.  Still my homepage, won’t be giving up or letting go until I know, and even then… I dunno.

This shoutout is meant for Ace You f***ing douchebag.  Like it’s not already enough of a breach of trust to post an im convo online, but then to leave out parts to make the other person look bad.  Wtf is your damage, dude?

Finally we come to a shoutout meant for Derek The cards still aren’t out man, but they will be soon.  I still haven’t seen those episodes of Gurren Lagann either.  How can I be any good when I can’t even manage that much, especially with all the prodding on the latter.

Hopefully this isn’t too much of a waste of space.  I had to say something, and this is the best I could come up with.  I guess if one of the above gets the message, than it’s cool right?  I’m still tired, so I might go back to sleep or something.  Getting up before the sun… is just not something I’m okay with.