Straight Out My Mailbox

This here’s Bailey from the Nennth Inning‘s end of a trade wit’ me for six cards from the 2008 Allen Ginter base set and three Tim Lincecums.  There will be more though, I found all my Giants cards, and only my lone Fred Lewis I particularly care to keep.  I’ll send your cards out soon I swear!

Anyway, here is what I received:

2007 BowChro- Ichiro refractor, David Ortiz, Alfonso Soriano, Mitch Atkins Prospect, “Good Ol'” J.R. Mathes Prospect, and two Ryan Norwood Prospects

2008 A&G David Ortiz & Ginter Back Mini Hanley Ramirez

Do you still want the World Leader since you are selling off your minis on eBay?  I only ask because… I’m not entirely sure where it is.

In other news, my Gail Kim event used mat card came today.  Scans are as always, pending. :/

One thought on “Straight Out My Mailbox

  1. aybayz says:

    nah don’t worry about the world leaders or any minis other than lincecum. I’ve had enough of there multi-parallel cards and impossible to collect the whole set minis, hope you enjoyed the cards!

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