What the Hell, Cubs Fans?

Chicago Cubs fans… are eternally optimistic.  At least that’s what we claim to be.  It’s supposedly written in our very DNA.  We are unapologetically loud, boisterous, jovial, and sometimes drunk off our asses in our support.  We’ll get ’em every next year for the past hundred years.  Well guess what, next year finally came this year.  This is very likely the best team we’ve fielded in the past 100 years.  So I wanna know Cub fans… Just where in the hell was all that optimism last night?!

We’re not the pre-2004 Red Sox, whose fate it seemed was to always fall just short.  We’ve hardly even had a sniff of success since World War II.  We’re playing with house money regardless of how great the talent that’s been assembled this year is.  So just what in the Dodger blue hell gives us the right to get so deflated and lose faith after a grand slam goes against us only halfway through a game?!?  I mean, good grief, we were only down 4-2!  It was so quiet the second half of the game you would’ve thought Charlie Haas was wrestling.

We’re Chicago Cubs fans goddammit!!  We’re eternal optimists!  So if we fall behind early in game two, y’all at the game better start making some noise like never before.  This is no time to clam up or give up.  When it’s go time, it’s time to MAN UP!!  We’re the wildest, loudest, rowdiest fans in all of baseball, and when it’s crucial to get loud and support our team, you fold up like you just got Suplex’d on your heads?!  Oh hells no!  That will simply not be tolerated.  EVER!

Few things are more pathetic than last night’s display of hypocrisy.  It is unacceptable for fans of any team, let alone THIS team, to tuck tail like that.  Regardless of whether or not it makes a difference, whether or not we had a chance last night (which we did!), you HAVE to keep cheering to the bitter end if you are a real fan of the Chicago Cubs.  There are no more next years.  THIS IS OUR YEAR.  So start acting like it.

Victory by Default? #1

Back at the end of August Mario from Wax Heaven started a month-long contest to win some of the Junk Hits featured in his video, by showing him yours.  I tried and failed to make a video of my worst of the worst in the middle of the September, and finally got around to making some scans of my worstest on the 28th, not getting them sent until the evening of the 30th.

Well, this morning (because it’s still the 2nd of October here, despite what WordPress’ internal clock would have you believe) I got an e-mail from Mario saying the contest never really materialized, but I could have the whole lot from the video, save one previously reserved or already sent to someone else (no Edwar for me).  Seeing as Mario agreed that my hits sucked pretty hard, I guess this amounts to a Victory by Default.  And do you know what Victory by Default is?


Honestly, I really like some of the “junk” hits in the video, so this is gonna be pretty great.  You see this post has a #1 in the title.  There will be a #2 devoted to showing off the booty (somehow) when it arrives.  There may even be a #3 to share the joy via contest if the hits pick up.  We’ll see though.  A wise man once noted the benefits of making an effort (even if only halfhearted) when nobody else even bothers to show up.  I have a whole new respect for that man’s genius today.  He wins at life.

Oh yeah, uhh, the Cubs lost tonight.  ‘Twasn’t pretty.  Short post on the matter forthcoming.  Asses will be reamed, but not the team’s (… maybe Soriano a little).

PS: My kingdom (ha!) for a picture of Masa from Cromartie High School to put here.