I am pretty open about my problems online.  It makes me have a hard time… respecting people who don’t.  Well no, not really.  I respect people’s privacy.  I have no problem talking about my problems, but I don’t give out any personally information.  Nobody I converse with on the web has more than a general idea of my whereabouts and only the my closest of close net friends know my real name.  The problem is people being vague about their issues.

It’s not when someone isn’t open about something that seems trivial (to me at least) that bothers me.  It’s this: If you hold back your reasoning for something when you are trying to prove a point, it’s pretty dang annoying.  This is somehow made worse on what are ultimately pointless subjects.  This kills a person’s cred with me when they spout their opinions on other, more significant things.  If you can’t, or won’t explain, but say you do have a really good reason for why you feel like you do about something, you are asking a helluva lot of my faith to believe what your saying.  And most of the time saying that makes you come off as a douchebag in my eyes, because there are very few people I can stretch for like that, and odds are you are not one of those people.

Granted, I am probably more open-minded than the average bear, so I’m less likely to be bothered by your issues if you talk about it.  But to me, if you won’t go there, you’re better off not even mentioning you have a reason at all.  You’re not asking me to trust you or your judgment that your hidden reason really is a good one, and it doesn’t doesn’t make me wonder just what your deal is.  Just say why and let me gauge for myself, or don’t and prevent unnecessary complication and, in the case of this post’s origins, drama.

Like it or not, the effects go beyond the statement itself.  Regardless of whether I agree or disagree with most of what you have to say, how can I even quantify your other opinions?  If you are a blogger with a lot of opinions on things a large number of people to care about to at least some degree, people have to stop and think about the validity of the PERSON making the opinion, not just of the opinion itself.  If the blog isn’t that personal, and those opinions on things people care about are a significant part of the blog, that’s not good business.  A specialized blog that gets approximately a good number of hits is gonna have an affect on the more casual or less experienced people that read it, and if they wonder WTF like me, well… WTF yo?

Maybe it’s just me that feels this way.  It may even be for the best, to force me to question what’s what.  I dunno, but this is how I feel.  Apologies if coherence is lacking.  My attention is obviously divided with the game on.  What do you think?  Am I way out of line in my thinking?  Does anything like this ever bother or put you off?  Discuss.

6-0 Dodgers with two outs in the bottom of the 5th.

2 thoughts on “Buggin’

  1. Matt says:

    Blogging isn’t print journalism. The way I look at it the author of a blog really has no obligation except to him/herself. It is the responsibility of the readership to determine whether or not the opinions of the author have any merit in regard to their own viewpoints.

    In short, Bloggers don’t owe us anything. You might not like it…tough. As a blogger myself, I find it laughable when a reader thinks he or she has the ability to dictate to me what the content of my blog should consist of.

  2. lonestarr says:

    If you aren’t blogging for yourself. If you are reviewing stuff, having opinions that could shape other people’s, you are in some way a journalist. Just gimme all or nothing, full disclosure or none at all. Don’t go halfway and leave me wondering what your deal is. Because this is a blog, you don’t need *much* integrity, so if you want to hate without any explanation at all, go for it.

    Honestly, when it comes down to it, this is just a pet peeve and nothing more. I’ll be bugged by it and for a few days, then forget all about it when some other pretty shiny else catches my focus, and move on.

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