Controversy Creates Hits?

This blog doesn’t get a whole lot of hits, which you can see on the side, 248 as I write this, my 19th post.  This doesn’t bother me a bit.  I kinda dig the anonymity, and a friend of mine said my writing called to mind Bill Simmons (The Sports Guy), which coming from a fairly big fan of Bill Simmons, is highly positive feedback as far as I’m concerned.  I dig The Sports Guy’s writing myself.

As it is, I write fairly breezily, about whatever happens to be on my mind.  It can get pretty epic in length, but I try to keep it pretty chill and not get too much into serious matters.  And it’s only a sports card blog because that happens to be the hobby I’ve wrapped myself up in.  If I had fallen all the way back into video games, that would be dominating my writing here and now.  If Arizona called me, I’d be writing about my experiences there, trying to start a new life and find work and sort out my feelings and issues.  Point is, this is about my life.  Even that shorty that was really just a link played a part in my lack of sleep this morning.  I had a nightmare about John McCain becoming President, so I found an outlet to post that glorious rant that I read the night before, which may have directly caused that nightmare.

That was what the original idea for this thing was, my life, how I see the world, what fascinates me, what I do, and dealing with my issues.  As random as all of that can be… it’s all about me.  It’s a diary.  That’s all a blog is after all a public diary.  And after a false start a few months ago, that’s what it has become.  I’m actually quite proud of that, hits be damned.

That all tediously said, I noticed an interesting thing on my hit chart I thought I’d mention.  This is just another part of me; I’ve been a stat geek at least since as far back as my memory takes me, which is about three years old.  As I said, I don’t care about the hits, but I do notice patterns in them.  And sometimes, they fascinate me.  Blah blah blah, get the point.  Yeah yeah, here it is.

I’ve only had two days of more than 15 hits since I started things back up.  They were 38 and 46 on back-to-back days, directly proceeding said day of 15 hits.  Those happened to be the only two days I’ve written anything harsh or serious, that even required a lot of thought and/or effort on my part.  If I’ve said anything controversial, it was the What the Hell, Cubs Fans? and Buggin’ posts.  Those posts were written within that three day window that went 15, 38, 46 hits, then dropping back to low teens, to nearly nothing when I didn’t write anything the last couple of days.  I know that a few hits can be accounted for being added to Shoebox Legends‘ blogroll, but no way would much change take place, unless something was said to make people come see.  This leads me to believe that whatever was somehow controversial about what I wrote caused the spike.

These are also the only two posts that had a proper comment about the content and wasn’t just replying to a question directed directly at the specific person that answered.

As I’ve stated on yet another post, I clearly have too much time on my hands.  But little statistical anomalies kinda fascinate me.  I won’t be tackling anything else of such a nature unless they have an effect on me, but after talking this out for myself here, which was basically the point of this post, I don’t think I need the question mark in my title.

Over and out!

A Hot Streak of “Junk” Hits

On the heels of Saturday’s “junk” hit extravaganza (Michael Saunders prospect jersey, Ramon Hernandez jersey, and 1:65 pack Jason Schmidt parallel out of only six packs), Tuesday netted me another “junk” hit.  A three pack for $5, uhh… pouch, from K-Mart, scored me an ’07 Allen & Ginter Scott Podsenik bat card.  I wasn’t collecting baseball when they came out the previous years, so I wanted to get one of them.  The pack was giving off those vibes I can’t explain, that I get from virtually every pack I get a hit out of.  My super power of getting (usually junk) hits out of retail packs without searching them is working better than it probably ever has.  Considering it was a three pack pouch that prevented me choosing anything else (nothing of note in the ’07 Upper Deck or Topps series two lamo 6-card, 99 cent pack), and the bat card came out of the pack I was after in the first place, that amounts to a hit or tough pull non-hit in 4 out of my last 7 packs.

As an aside, I don’t actually consider any of these guys junk.  Ramon has been one of the most consistently productive catchers in baseball over the course of his 8 year career, Michael Saunders is a prospect that appears to have some promise, and might actually turn out pretty decent, Jason Schmidt is a solid pitcher (ask my Cubbies about that *cries*), and Scott Podsednik is one of the more feared base stealers of his generation, not to mention a freakin’ world series hero for crying out loud.

The card itself is very strange.  The little wedge of bat is in place on the card and held down by the frame, but it’s loose in there and can be moved around a bit.  That totally caught me off guard.  Not that it’s a bad thing though.  Just… surprising.  Steve of White Sox Cards gets this bad mamma-jamma, seeing as he’s depicted as a member of the Sox on the card (I honestly don’t remember if Scott played for them in 2007 or not… thanks for the combination of your crappy ability to remember stuff written into my DNA, parents! ;P).  My White Sox stack is getting pretty big again, so maybe pulling this is a sign we need to trade once more.

That’s the great thing about all this, one person’s junk hit is another person’s significantly less junky hit… or something.  I dunno, there’s too much junk floating around in my head lately.

Over and out!