A Hot Streak of “Junk” Hits

On the heels of Saturday’s “junk” hit extravaganza (Michael Saunders prospect jersey, Ramon Hernandez jersey, and 1:65 pack Jason Schmidt parallel out of only six packs), Tuesday netted me another “junk” hit.  A three pack for $5, uhh… pouch, from K-Mart, scored me an ’07 Allen & Ginter Scott Podsenik bat card.  I wasn’t collecting baseball when they came out the previous years, so I wanted to get one of them.  The pack was giving off those vibes I can’t explain, that I get from virtually every pack I get a hit out of.  My super power of getting (usually junk) hits out of retail packs without searching them is working better than it probably ever has.  Considering it was a three pack pouch that prevented me choosing anything else (nothing of note in the ’07 Upper Deck or Topps series two lamo 6-card, 99 cent pack), and the bat card came out of the pack I was after in the first place, that amounts to a hit or tough pull non-hit in 4 out of my last 7 packs.

As an aside, I don’t actually consider any of these guys junk.  Ramon has been one of the most consistently productive catchers in baseball over the course of his 8 year career, Michael Saunders is a prospect that appears to have some promise, and might actually turn out pretty decent, Jason Schmidt is a solid pitcher (ask my Cubbies about that *cries*), and Scott Podsednik is one of the more feared base stealers of his generation, not to mention a freakin’ world series hero for crying out loud.

The card itself is very strange.  The little wedge of bat is in place on the card and held down by the frame, but it’s loose in there and can be moved around a bit.  That totally caught me off guard.  Not that it’s a bad thing though.  Just… surprising.  Steve of White Sox Cards gets this bad mamma-jamma, seeing as he’s depicted as a member of the Sox on the card (I honestly don’t remember if Scott played for them in 2007 or not… thanks for the combination of your crappy ability to remember stuff written into my DNA, parents! ;P).  My White Sox stack is getting pretty big again, so maybe pulling this is a sign we need to trade once more.

That’s the great thing about all this, one person’s junk hit is another person’s significantly less junky hit… or something.  I dunno, there’s too much junk floating around in my head lately.

Over and out!

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