Muse Control

I should’ve been sleeping.  It probably wouldn’t have been restful, but I need some sleep, yo!  Alas, the epically fantastic movie “The Crow” and some interesting chat woke up my Muse, which sleeps just fine thanks.  I came up with this off the top of my head right there in the chat room.  It’s a strange feeling, to actually be self-aware enough to feel yourself get into a mindset that… I would presume, is rather similar to an athlete being “In the Zone”.  Kinda trippy.

I leave you now for some much-needed sleep, with the poetic words that I said… Hope y’all like it.  Sweet dreams.

What is love? Life is crazy…

When she’s not here

I feel so alone, lost & gone

It feels all wrong

But I know it’s right

This is how it always felt

I just didn’t know it

I found something more

Something worth living for

A love worth fighting for

Stand up… stand up, wake up

Life is real, no longer a dream

My eyes can’t deceive my heart anymore

Now I know, yeah, now I know there’s more

Can’t stop it

It’s broken out of me

And I’ll never be same

Break me free

Come save me

Do you believe?

That me is dead and gone

Replaced by the me that you now see

Can you believe that I stand now

This feeling… I’m not afraid

For the first time

I’m not afraid

The smile on my face won’t go away

What’s left for me

But to fade, fade away

No way, never never gonna say…

Good day

4 thoughts on “Muse Control

  1. dave says:

    You are good at poetry too! I like it, amazing if you made up this spontaneously ;).
    Get some sleep!

  2. dave says:

    You are good at poetry too! I like it, amazing if you made up this spontaneously ;).
    Get some sleep!

  3. lonestarr says:

    Hehe, yep… came up with it pretty much on the spot over the course of about 15 minutes or so. Hopefully I can get in that state when you are around to witness it someday. 😀

  4. my muse says:

    try this muse. she is waiting to hear from you!

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