Shoutouts #4

This was supposed to go up before I crashed in the Wii hours of Sunday morning, but it didn’t happen.  I slept all day Sunday and went out almost immediately after I woke up, and forgot about it until now.  Hopefully I’m not responding too late for anybody’s liking, and apologies if I am.  Now hit me with them shoutouts.

A shoutout to anyone who can help… My WordPress internal clock issue still isn’t resolved, even though I’ve tried to change the timezone multiple times.  Why won’t it work?

Shoutout to TheKSwiss… While book value doesn’t concern me, if you can come up with something comparable hit-wise or something, you’ve got dibs on the ones you want.

In the interest of full disclosure, the Brad Lincoln got a dinged corner and Joaquin Arias I’m not sure if I want to trade just yet.  Everything else should still be in the condition I received them in.

Shoutout to one John Arnold, if you’ve still got your Cubbies, I’m still interested in a trade.  Is my e-mail address anywhere to be found here?  You’d think I’d know about that, but nope… ANYWAY, if it’s not there, just drop a comment with a little sampling of what you have and an approximate total number, who/what you collect, and an email address where I can contact you.  I will copy everything down and block the comment, and get in touch with you shortly thereafter.

Shoutout to Steve of White Sox Cards, who is due several White Sox cards from me, and will be the first to benefit from my junk hit streak from not so long ago.  Hopefully I will get your cards along with those going to Dinged Corners sent out by midweek.

Speaking of… SPEAKING of Dinged Corners, this shoutout to the lovely ladies that make that blog happen. (/RD Reynolds impression)  I found the bubble mailer with your address on it, so finally, mercifully, your cards will be sent very very soon.  And there are a LOT of them.

Shoutout to the person who designed 2008 Upper Deck Timeline.  You should be ashamed of yourself.  I’ve heard plenty of Upper Deck X bashing, but it at least fits the theme.  Timeline is easily the worst looking base set of 2008.  It just looks incredibly half-hearted, and that makes me a sad panda. 😦

Shoutout to Boxbusters… One day I will remember your name, but that’s not the shoutout!  I’m feeling extremely lazy, so I will drop the trade thanks and make a request (pending shipping and safe arrival of trades with Dinged Corners and White Sox Cards) to be on the Trading Buddies page.

Here is what came in the return package, btw.  Sorry again about sammiching your end of the trade in here.

2008 Topps Allen & Ginter-

David Ortiz, Aramis Ramirez, Rich Hill, Felix Pie

2008 Topps Chrome-

Rich Hill

2008 Upper Deck X-

David Ortiz, Vlad Guerrero, Hanley Ramirez, Ken Griffey Jr., Big Z (x2), D-Lee (x2), Kerry Wood, Aramis Ramirez, Geovany Soto (the finest facial hair in baseball :P), and KOSUKE!!!!

2008 Upper Deck Goudey

David Ortiz (lovable but vaguely menacing), Big Z, D-Lee, Aramis Ramirez

2008 Upper Deck Heroes

Ryan Theriot, Rich Hill, KOSUKE!!!!

Thanks again.

Finally a shoutout to whom it may concern.  This is an incomplete list who and what I collect: Chicago Cubs (especially Fergie Jenkins, Andre Dawson, Ryne Sandberg, Carlos Zambrano, Geovany Soto and Kosuke Fukudome), Vlad Guerrero, Ichiro Suzuki, David Ortiz, Fred Lewis, assorted legends, vintage (pre-1980), players in throwback jerseys, and 2006 Upper Deck Special F/X.

I will try to get everything sorted out in my head and put up an official page soon.

That’s all for now.

See you, Space Cowboy…



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