More Discount Cards From K-Mart #3: The Big Finish

This is not actually the big finish.  I’ve picked up four or five more discount blasters since Christmas, the latest two being Goudey.  Here though is the next Upper Deck Heroes blaster for you.  If your lucky, I’ll get through the next four much faster.  I seriously don’t even have a decent excuse for my slowness to post.

Pack 1

115 Alex Rodriguez

181 Eddie Murray/Prince Fielder

28 Daisuke Matsuzaka

52 Victor Martinez

33 Carl Yastrzemski Black

Pack 2

184 Bob Gibson/Jake Peavy

65 Justin Verlander

86 Chone Figgins

26 Curt Shilling

148 Barry Zito Black- Dinged Corners.

Pack 3

163 Bob Gibson

2 Dan Haren

74 Lance Berkman

158 Chris Carpenter

114 Derek Jeter Black

Pack 4

38 Derrek Lee- Keeper.

189 Chipper Jones/Ryan Braun/Miguel Cabrera

96 Prince Fielder

137 Pat Burrell

3 Chris Young Black

Pack 5

132 Daric Barton A’s RC

118 Hideki Matsui

49 Aaron Harang

YSL5631 John Wetteland Yankee Stadium Legacy

142 Felix Pie Black- Keeper.

Pack 6

95 Kelly Johnson

14 Nick Markakis- Possible Keeper.

11 Jeff Francoeur

63 Gary Sheffield

57 Troy Tulowitzki Black

Pack 7

192 Joe Mauer/Hanley Ramirez/Troy Tulowitzki- Keeper.

113 Phil Hughes

36 Alfonso Soriano- Keeper.

170 Vernon Wells

186 Vladimir Guerrero/Ichiro Suzuki/Manny Ramirez Black- Keeper.

Pack 8

84 Howie Kendrick

1 Brandon Webb

145 Greg Maddux

YSL5656 Derek Jeter Yankee Stadium Legacy

122 Reggie Jackson Black

Pack 9

24 Jacoby Ellsbury

107 David Wright

125 Don Mattingly

149 Tim Lincecum Green Parallel 312/499– This one is going out to The Nennth Inning.

19 Mike Lowell Black

Everything not listed as a keeper is up for trade, save most of the Red Sox.  Pick any team besides the Red Sox, and they can be yours.  Even most of my White Sox are better served going to someone besides White Sox Cards, because he has most of them already.  Just hit me up in the comments we’ll see if we can’t work something out.

I’ve started working on a specific want list page that I might be able to finish this weekend, so you can see exactly what I be after (so I don’t end up with 10 Upper Deck X Fukudome’s :P).

Till the Crossroads…

3 thoughts on “More Discount Cards From K-Mart #3: The Big Finish

  1. aybayz says:

    Thanks for the Lincecum contribution! I appreciate it and it adds to the UD Heroes parallel set. I think from their crazy colored parallels, the green is referred to as emerald haha. Keep up the updates! I miss reading your blog.

  2. aybayz says:

    Nevermind on the previous, the emerald is some other parallel numbered out of 300, green is just green. See how stupid these parallel colors are??

  3. lonestarr says:

    I have no idea what the colors officially are. It calls to mind how Nintendo called the original purple Gamecube Indigo even though it’s not even close.

    I’ve also got a few random Matt Cains and Barry Bondses for you as well as the original bunch of random Giants that I had already prepared.

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