The Great Cardening of 2009 #1

Near the end of my last post I mentioned I had some ideas to roll out.  And so I shall roll out the one that isn’t stupid now, for I have a plan… A plan to effectively shrink and focus my collection.  It may fail horribly, but I need to try something.

So, in the coming days, I’m going to list all of my cards of a particular team in a single post.  If you see something you like, leave me a comment or shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you and hopefully we can make something happen.  Once the deal(s) have been made and I’ve gotten the majority of that team’s cards confirmed to be traded, I’ll move on to the next team, and so on and so forth.  You’ll still be able to contact me about the remnants of prior teams if you get in late though.

After I get my greezy lil’ mitts on one of the last couple blasters of Allen & Ginter they had at Target the other day (assuming they are still there), I’ll get things sorted out and get this donkey train rolling.

Before we start, some things of note:

• There aren’t likely to be very many, if any, Boston Red Sox, as they are pretty much reserved for Shoebox Legends.

• There will be very few Cubs, seeing as I, uhh, collect them.  Only current players that have been traded or guys I’m indifferent towards, as well as some duplicates I get over the course of this will go out.

• The teams that I think I have the most of in no particular order are White Sox, Yankees, Astros, Dodgers, Braves and Phillies.  I may find this to be incorrect, but I do have good number of each.

• If necessary, I may do posts in set form for ones I have a significant amount of, like ’08 Allen & Ginter, Goudey, Upper Deck, Baseball Heroes, and X.

• After baseball is all said & done, I may do football, which I might even have more of.

It all starts with one of the aforementioned teams I have the most of whenever I can be arsed to get around to going through things.  Here’s hoping all goes well.


I’ll finally have an official, if overly simplistic, wantlist up before I begin as well.  That’s probably a good idea.  Yeah…