I spent all afternoon yesterday sorting out baseball cards.  All baseball cards have been separated from other sports.   The Phillies, Yankees, Yankee Stadium Legacies, Cardinals, Dodgers, and White Sox are all officially sorted out.  The Brewers just need to all be put into a single stack.

As well, the outstanding Red Sox have been sorted out and ready to be put into the cases I send my trades in.  The O-Pee-Chee hockey cards haven’t been dealt with yet.  I’ll let you know when they are sent, Shane.

I shuffled the 80 or so cards for Dinged Corners already encased out of their cases.  Since I am sending over 200, the tiny cases that hold only 20 cards max are not going to work.  Therefore, over the weekend I am going to pick up closest thing to an appropriate sized box the “card shop” nearby has, and send it in that.  I really hope it proves safe to send them in.  Apologies in advance for the ridiculous amount of tape that will be completely engulfing the box.

I guess that is all there is to report.  Looks like we’re on schedule for a Sunday or Monday start to The Great Cardening of 2009.  I will let those who I know collect specific teams know when their team is up via their comment section, since I think only about 2.5 people actually pay enough attention to  my blog to know what’s going on.

Now I need to go get my head right.  If you’ll excuse me… *bows*

Going, Going, Gone…

One thought on “Progress?

  1. Marie says:

    Hey, definitely let me know about those YSL cards, I would love to get my hands on them.

    cardbandits AT gmail DOT com

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