Shoutouts #6

Shoutout to the ladies of Dinged Corners.  After getting the box to send your cards in, I’ve decided to make it beautiful.  I’m gonna draw a bunch of cool stuff on it.  Hope you approve.

Shoutout to the one and only Shane Diaz of Shoebox Legends.  The reason I haven’t sent your stuff yet is because… well, I’m broke at the moment.  I have about $5 to my name until tomorrow.  I’ll get it to you shortly though.

And sometime in April, I will get around to properly documenting the awesome lot of cards you sent.  I actually got some of them scanned!  w00t! 🙂

Shoutouts to Peter and Chris (but not Peter Criss, wokka wokka) of Dropped Third Strike and Nachos Grande, respectively.  With the maneuvering I did with Yankee Stadium Legacies, I can move the Reds up to 3rd in the Great Cardening of 2009.  I can’t guarantee anything close to an exact time when I’ll have them posted though.  As for the 8 or so remaining YSLs, they will be up with the rest of the Yankees as soon as I get them posted.

Finally, thanks to Marie from A Cardboard Problem for the linkage that popped normal daily viewer count of like 6-10 when I’m posting regularly, to over 60!  The least read sports card-centric blog going today humbly thanks you.

I recognize that annoyed look on Babe’s face.  At least I can say I give it as much as I get I guess.  Straws are being grasped at.  Anyway…

That’s all for now.  Back to Pokemon!  Seeyas.


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