Retro Trade #1

I have nothing much to talk about at the moment, and I’m still in too good of a mood to finish the steroid post I’ve been meaning to put up.  But while I was editing some card scans to for A Pack To Be Named Later, I found the scans of some of the cards from my third trade with Shane of Shoebox Legends that I never got around to showing because I am lazy and easily distracted and highly disorganized.  ~Sorry Patricia & Lucy!  You know the effect of that most of all.  Your cards are still sitting here waiting for me to get off my lazy butt and send them.  The good news is, more cards continue to be added to the stack.~  I never did get everything Shane sent documented (and there was a lot of it!), but here’s some of the highlights of Shane blowing my trade out of the water.  Oh yes, we have pictures!

Scans.ShaneTrade-1a1971 Topps Johnny Callison.  The ’71s are growing on me.

Scans.ShaneTrade-1b1970-something Herman Franks.  Too lazy to get up and check. >_>

Scans.ShaneTrade-3aThree Derrick Mays.  One of my all-time fave Cubs.  No, really.  I though he was going to be a big star when I was little.  Maybe he could’ve been since he actually did pretty well the year he actually got to play regularly.

Scans.ShaneTrade-1g2008 Threads Ernie Banks.  Even though I got three #’ed cards in the one pack I bought of Elite Extra Edition, it still greatly annoyed me that Target never got any Threads in.  This is sadly the only Threads card I have.

Scans.ShaneTrade-1dIs anything more annoying than pulling a basic insert that is harder to get than a hit?  I’ve done that twice now with packs of this stuff.  This was 1:24 packs in a box where the jerseys drop at a rate of 1:12.

Scans.ShaneTrade-1fMore ’70s Cubbies who were pretty decent. 🙂

Scans.ShaneTrade-2aA trio of shiny O-Pee-Chee Blackhawks rookies and legends.  The shininess of these are kinda intoxicating.

Scans.ShaneTrade-2bA very early ’80s Tony Esposito.  Very cool.  One of the “big three” Shane sent.

Scans.ShaneTrade-4cSome vintage Vladdy and Sammy trying to make me angry enough to finish the steroid post.  He threw his bottle of Flintstone “vitamins” at me.

Scans.ShaneTrade-2cSpeaking of wild throws, the Shawon-O-Meter is at .288 today and rising.

Scans.ShaneTrade-4dHad to show the ’84 OPC purely for the old school Expos-ness.

Scans.ShaneTrade-2dShiny rainbow Cubbies!

Scans.ShaneTrade-4aA Derrek Lee OPC insert from Upper Deck.  The blue and red border is so awesome.

Now for the other two of the aforementioned “Big Three”… Behold!

Scans.ShaneTrade-1cA Sweet Swatch of what is definitely maybe possibly perhaps a jersey worn by Vlad Guerrero.  It’s a nifty card, but note to Upper Deck.  Maybe stop buying your jerseys from third parties out of the trunk of beat up Oldsmobiles in the seedy part of town so you can definitively tell us that they are legit, mkay?

And now, something epic, something so crazy I almost teared up when I first laid eyes on it.  Feast your eyes…

Scans.ShaneTrade-1eThat’s right.  A 1953 Bowman Harry Chiti.  My new oldest card, my first pre-1960 card, a card that is a few years older than my parents.  Soooo freaking awesome, Shane.  Thank you so much.

And on that note, I’m outta here.  I’ve got a second retro trade (from Marie of A Cardboard Problem) to put up soon too.

Oh yeah, check out my latest post for A Pack To Be Named Later.  Hockey cards should chill ya out on a 95°F day, right?

Alright EY, take us out!


Souvenir City~!