Attempted Derek Jeter Sketch Card

As promised, here’s my attempt at a Derek Jeter Sketch card for Sooz of A Cardboard Problem:

I tried...

I tried...

As you can see, by no means is it poorly drawn.  I just completely failed at making it look like jeter.  I dunno what went wrong, because two other sketch cards I attempted before this (and also a similar sized work) of other people looked like who they were meant to look like. :/

He isn’t colored because I lack markers in navy blue and his particular skin tone, and I skipped the gray because I just thought it looked better without any color at all to go with a colored background, though that didn’t turn out quite as I’d envisioned either.  I did mention to Sooz needing practice, and if nothing else, this was definitely a learning experience.

Couple other quickies:

• My 2009 A&G is ordered.  You’ve been put on notice, my fellow Gint-A-Cufflinks.  Or something.

• I pulled an awesome card out of a 1/2-priced pack of 2008 UD Masterpieces from K-Mart this afternoon.  That will be posted as a Random Cool Card I Own soon.  Alas, retail Masterpieces has already been posted at A Pack to be Named Later, so the pack itself won’t be seen on there.

Ironically, the pack posted on APtbNL had three of the four cards in the other pack of Masterpieces I bought (all except former White Sox slugger Frank Thomas; got current White Sox slugger Jim Thome instead).  Madness.  And… I’m out.

Until our next…

Switching Things Up

I realized that Random Cool Card I Own isn’t cutting it for the cards I’ve been putting up, because, umm, they aren’t random. They are my personal collection. I will put up cool non-keepers under the Random Cool Card I Own title though, and continue the PC ones under a different name.

Do I edit the first two to the new name though, or leave them be?

Also, to Baseball Dad: I will email you a specific checklist of Sandberg cards I own in the near future.  It’ll be short, I am lacking.  I have some Indians you might like.

And to McCann Can Triple, my email address should be on my Google profile page.  Lonestarr, with the picture of the old school Walt Bellamy card, amongst your followers.

That’s all got for now, I needs sleep.  I’ll post my fail of a Derek Jeter sketch card that I was making for Sooz of A Cardboard Problem sometime tonight if I can get it and my Tristar Projections box goodies scanned today.

~Here’s to better days ahead.