Random Cool Card I Own #1

I decided to restart the Random Cool Cards I Own posts, changing the Billy Williams, Ryne Sandberg, and one or two future ones I already wrote to “The Lonestarr Personal Collection”.  So here is my new first one filed under “Random Cool Card I Own”:

Which parallel is this exactly?

Which parallel is this exactly?

2008 UD Masterpieces Longoria Back

It's really hard to see the numbering across his chest...

2008 Upper Deck Masterpieces (Silver?) Framed Parallel Evan Longoria #ed 24/25.  I have never actually seen any of the framed parallels in person before.  They add a touch of class to an already great design.  The frame reminds me a lot of the 2002 Roberto Clemente Diamond King Gold Parallel I have, though the frame isn’t as thick.  The frames are an excellent way to make a parallel, rather than just a colored border, imo.

I’m not sure what the odds for something like this coming out of retail are, but they must be pretty long.  I didn’t get any parallels out of the two blasters I bought late last/early this year (just a regular SP in each).  I’m not too bad at getting hits & such from retail packs I guess.  I should totally make a gallery of my retail hits sometime, since I still have most of them I think.

I have no idea what I want to do with this card, if I want trade it, or maybe see what I could get for it on eBay, or maybe slide it into the PC.  I don’t collect him, but it can’t hurt to have a fantastic card of great player in there, right?  I’m not letting it go easily if I do go the trade route though.  But make an offer if you like it; I will at least consider it.

Eva, Evan.  Oprah, Uma.  Ooh, Uma… hawt. :3

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