The Lonestarr Personal Collection #4

Here’s the key card of a four card Donruss Americana II lot that I won cheaply on eBay many moons ago, Julie Newmar:


Catwoman~! 'Nuff said.

Actually, the caption is a lie.  That’s not enough said!  Julie Newmar has a hella impressive resume spanning 6 decades!  See for yourself.

Also in the lot was a John Saxon-used swatch, and a couple of #ed cards, a parallel of some actor dude, and an insert of an MMA guy, but they were just the icing on the Americana II cake.  I’m not sure exactly what the cost was anymore, but I do know I payed less than $8 for the lot (possibly less than $5). Regardless though, I do loves me some Donruss Americana, so it was more than worth it.

I think I like Americana because I am fascinated by historical stuffs, and it brings the goods.

I’ve got a few more suh-weet Americana hits to show off soon, including a legitimate sports LEGEND that had no business being in my price range.  That my friends… was a tease.

Let’s meet again, in another place… and a better time.

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