2009 Allen & Ginter Plans

I suppose, with my mind floating in the clouds today, I will have to make this short & sweet.  My plans for 2009 Allen & Ginter are as follows:

1.) Get all regular base & SPs of Cubs, other players I collect, Negro League Stars, the other sport champions and non-sports cards.

3.) Get all regular minis of the above and as many of their variations as possible.

4.) Get as many applicable relics/autos of the above as I can as well.

5.) Try and get a few cloth cards/printing plates/anything else applicable of the above as well.

5.) Get all the National Pride Cards of Cubs/other players I collect.

6.) Complete the Brian Kong Baseball Highlights Sketch Card set. (The Jeter I pulled is still yours, Sooz.)

7.) Complete the mini National Heroes set.

8.) Complete all the other insert sets (lowest priority)

9.) Complete the regular Cabinet and N43 sets.

10.) Get a Yu Darvish N43 relic.

11.) Get an unripped rip card.