The Lonestarr Personal Collection #5

Someday… I will get that 2009 Allen & Ginter wantlist up. Until then, here’s a card scan of a card that I scanned:

The Front (I think)

The Front (I think)

The Back (I think)

The Back (I think)

That is the Movie Posters relic I was raving about when I did the Americana blaster break a few posts back.  It’s really cool looking; very cleverly designed.  Give the person who came up with this idea a raise, Panini!  I’d love to get my mitts on a few more of these.

While they don’t state what article of clothing it is or any other specific, it’s nice that they guarantee it was worn by Jack Lemmon himself.

Hawtness Bonus~!

Hawtness Bonus~!

Here’s a little something extra for all the lovers of lovely ladies, the Witchblade herself.  Did that all-too short-lived series ever make it onto DVD?  We need mo’ Yancy on our TV screens, I’m just sayin’.

Seriously, more Yancy Butler, Hollywood!  Get on that… now!

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