A Couple A&G Retail Packs

Exactly what it says on the tin.

Pack 1

254 John Maine

219 Nate McClouth

61 Burke Kenny- The beard guy!

336 Ryan Ludwick SP

HHB10 DB Cooper World’s Biggest Hoaxes, Hoodwinks, & Bamboozles

NP49 Max Scherzer National Pride- The anti-collection strikes… -.-;

Pack 2

256 Jose Lopez

202 Conor Jackson

188 Chris Davis

AGHS3 Randy Johnson Baseball Highlights Sketch

258 Felix Hernandez mini

NP64 Francisco Liriano National Pride

Burke Kenny, DB Cooper, and the Randy Johnson Sketch are keepers.  The rest are available.  I’ll post a list of what I have to offer after I do the wantlist.

One other think of note.  I have a repack box full of crappiness that will be hitting A Pack to be Named Later over the coming weeks & months.  And these lamo packs that I’ll be posting, I will be giving them away to “lucky” commentors.  So if you’ve ever wanted some X-Files season 2 or Shrek 2 or Dinosaurs Attack! cards, your time is comin’.  If you’ve ever wanted to see a Miss Piggy-fied Ottawa Senators logo(!), your time is comin’.

That’s all, folks!  I’ll get that wantlist up ASAP.

You’re such a tease…

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