Albert Pujols Sketch Card

Here is my Albert Pujols sketch card for Marie of A Cardboard Problem:

Albert Pujols Sketch Card


Will send everything as soon as I finish this and find out about the Robinson Canos, etc.  Another email to send… The hardest part of trading, methinks. *sigh*

I feel so dirty… I think I should’ve drawn a Derrek Lee first. 😦

Gabe Kapler Sketch Card

Here’s the aforementioned Gabe Kapler card I mentioned in my last post:

Oh look, it's a 1/1! :P

Oh look, it's a 1/1! 😛

It’s up to Sooz if she wants it colored the rest of the way.  It will still be awesome either way, cuz that’s how I roll. 8)

Watch out for slow devoloping trades… they tend to expand exponentially.