Another Contest Alert

Another contest to report, this one happening over at the Voice of the Collector.  Win some National Convention Swag.  Nine prizes up for the taking…

Top Prize: Lisa Gleave Kiss/Auto inscribed to Card Corner… o.O

2nd Prize: Former MLB player and manager Herman Franks Cut Auto

3rd Prize: A revolutionary new baseball protector called the Ball Dome

4th Prize: There are no honorable mentions here.  4th Prize is a $10 off coupon for Blowout Cards & a magnetic case.

5th Prize: Tri*Star Obak Promo Set

6th Prize: PSA T-206 Poster

7th Prize: Upper Deck Redemption thingies, Obak Mini Promos, and FCB Prospect Set

8th Prize: St. Louis Cardinals All-Star Poster

9th Prize: FCB Prospect Set

Dillydally not, young Padowan.  Enter today.  Or before it ends at least.  I’m gonna go eat some rice.



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