Gint-A-Cuffs #1

It’s finally time to throw the Gint-A-Cuffs box break up here.  And here is how I’m gonna do it:

• I’m just copy paste the 1st 12 packs now with the points beside them.

• I’ll do the next 12 tomorrow or something.

• Then I’m gonna post scans of all the point and negative point cards. debatably

Why am I doing it in this admittedly crappy, half-hearted way?  It’s quite simple really.  The way the standings look now, I’m in next-to-last place.  I have no chance of winning, I can score no better. So… I just want to zoom through this as quickly as possible and get on with things.  There are, as I mentioned questionably coherently recently, more pressing things I desperately want to get to.  Either that or I don’t feel like breaking down the scans any more than I have to.

There is one last thing I want to know before I slap this thing together, and that is this:

Why is Jared Weaver on the crap relic list?  He is 13-5 with a 3.89 ERA this year, 48-24 & 3.76 for his career.  Did he do something bad to Beardy or something?  I am endlessly confused by this…

Yeah, Breakitdown! ♫

Box Topper

Cabinet Card (+8)

Total: 8

Pack 1

100 Ichiro

271 Jair Jurrjens

151 Cole Hamels

247 Jeff Clement (-1)

AGR-NM Nate McClouth JERSEY (+8)

31 Nick Markakis Mini (+3 Fave Player List Mini)

NP45 Evan Longoria National Pride (+4 Fave Player List)

Total: 14

Pack 2

121 Ryan Church

57 Frank Evans (+2 Negro League Star)

28 Ervin Santana

209 St. Patrick’s Cathedral

336 Ryan Ludwick SP (+5)

AGHS18 Derek Jeter Baseball Highlights (+3?)

346 Dominique Wilkins Mini SP (+7)

NP58 Derek Jeter National Pride (+4 Fave Player List)

Total: 20

Pack 3

110 Kevin Youkilis

32 Jeremy Bonderman

287 James Shields

186 Adrian Beltre

324 Wladimir Balentien SP (+5)

ASGH17 Chipper Jones Baseball Highlights (+3)

188 Chris Davis Mini

NP52 Daisuke Matsuzaka National Pride

Total: 8

Pack 4

207 Jack Cust

185 Dustin Pedroia (+2 Fave Players List)

157 Jason Motte Cards RC

276 Michael Phelps (+?)

AGA-CJ Conor Jackson AUTOGRAPH (+15)

HHB16 The Cottingley Fairies Hoaxes Hoodwinks, & Bamboozles (+5)

NP61 Mark Teahen National Pride

Total: 22

Pack 5

216 Derek Lowe

68 Jamie Moyer

237 Walton Glenn Miller

14 Troy Tulowitzki

342 Sitting Bull SP (+5)

AGHS16 Alex Rodriguez Baseball Highlights (+3, -1 Yankee, +2)

13 Travis Hafner Ginter Back Mini (+2)

NP46 Carlos Ruiz

Total: 9

Pack 6

184 Chris Young

210 Johan Santana

12 Jermaine Dye

27 Chien-Ming Wang (-1 Yankee)

251 Carl Crawford

338 Jason Wong SP (+5)

47 JJ Hardy Ginter Back Mini (+2)

NP56 Edinson Volquez National Pride

Total: 6

Pack 7

124 Donald Veal RC (Pirates)

183 Pedro Feliz

53 Clayton Kershaw (+2 Fave Players List)

19 Mike Pelfrey

343 Doc Holliday SP (+5)

AGHS19 Albert Pujols Baseball Highlights (+3)

206 Miguel Tejada

NP64 Francisco Liriano National Pride

Total: 10

Pack 8

283 Mike Aviles

5 Luke Hochevar

280 Shin-Soo Choo

18 Clyde Parris (+2 Negro League Star)

224 Tim Lincecum (+2 Fave Player List)

345 Carlos Delgado SP (+5)

261 John Danks Ginter Back Mini (+2)

NP66 Joba Chamberlain National Pride (-1)

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Total: 10

Pack 9

113 Rafael Furcal

46 Brian Roberts (+2 Fave Player List)

117 Blake DeWitt

105 Kurt Suzuki

161 Justin Morneau

222 Akinori Iwamura Crack the Code Parallel (+2)

154 Corey Hart Ginter Back Mini (+2)

NP59 Miguel Cabrera National Pride

Total: 6

Pack 10

108 The Alamo

203 Scott Kazmir

26 Charles Goodyear

85 Jason Jaramillo RC (Pirates)

AGR-BD Blake DeWitt BAT (+8)

194 Brandon Morrow Mini

NP53 Vladimir Guerrero National Pride

Total: 8

Pack 11

262 Magglio Ordonez

134 Jered Weaver

280 Cat Osterman (+Hawt~!)

164 Erik Bedard

249 John Higby

313 Jeff Francis SP (+5)

331 Jeff Samardzija Ginter Back Mini SP (+7, +2 Ginter back, +1 Favorite Team, +10 I think)

MP54 Carlos Zambrano National Pride (+2 Favorite Team)

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Total: 17

Pack 12

9 Ryan Theriot (+1 Favorite Team)

94 Paul Maholm

140 Loren Opstedahl

173 Francisco Rodriguez

298 Dan Haren

243 Alexander Cartwright

72 Carlos Lee Mini

NP57 Victor Martinez

Total: 1

1st half score: 139

Let me know if I screwed up the scoring anywhere please.  This is pretty much unedited from two months ago, so I might be out of date on a few score rulings.  Also, a double check on maths is always helpful.

Done for now.  Second half soon.  Minimally edited down scans in the hole.  I got some emails to send.  Oh, and I finally sent the rest of the cards for Dinged Corners!  Finally!!… Though there is something else brewing, but that is for another time. 😉

Until our next…

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