Quickie Pack Break & Some Chrome

I bought a fat pack of the new American Heritage, and here’s what I got:

16 cards per pack

51 Civil Rights Movement- Heroic Movement

6 Boyd “Buzz” Wagner- US Army Air Corps Lt. Colonel

57 American Red Cross- Heroic Group

59 ASPCA- Heroic Group

125 Flight 93- Event

118 Battle of Guadalcanal- Event

110 Lewis & Clark Expedition- Event

MOH-43 William Halford Medal of Honor (1:2 fat packs)

141 Barack Obama/Abraham Lincoln SP (1:4)

HJ-7 Lincoln Makes Presidential Bid A Hero’s Journey (1:4?  Cannot remember)

77 Herbert Hoover- Humanitarian

93 August Wilson- Playwright

43 Det. Frank Serpico- Finest (Police)

95 John Steinbeck- Novelist

27 Mary McLeod Bethune- Founder: Bethune-Cookman University

23 Sojourner Truth- Writer/Abolitionist

I really like these.  Even my little brother thought some of them were pretty cool.  This, I believe, is a set worth building.  I’d like to get the previous set too.  Historical stuff geeks me the f*** out.

I also have a few more Chrome for trade (must…stop…buying):

Base- 32 Mark Teixeira, 37 Carlos Delgado (horrendously off-center), 47 Even Longoria, 51 James Shields, 61 Conor “I’m too cool for a second n in my first name” Jackson, 102 Mark “my last name makes spellcheck ‘splode” Buehrle, 105 Jeff Francis, 119 Hank Blalock (horrendously off-center), 135 Chipper Jones, 143 Adrian Gonzalez, 184 Shairon Martis Nationals RC (Horrendously off-center), 206 Brad Nelson Brewers RC

Refractors- 36 Juan Pierre

X-Fractors- 217 Brett Cecil Blue Jays RC

PS: @Wicked Ortega– Did you get the two emails I sent?

PS2: LOL, I just realized the irony of pulling the Napoleon Bonaparte mini a few posts ago…

4 thoughts on “Quickie Pack Break & Some Chrome

  1. Bud Bareither says:

    Hey. Are you still interested in that Rich Harden A & G jersey? Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you sooner. Email me at budbareither@gmail.com. Take care!

  2. lonestarr says:

    Yes, I am verrrry interested. O.O

  3. wickedortega says:

    did you get my package????

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