Sketch Card Mania ’09

The other day I totally out of the blue decided I wanted to go full out on sketch cards.  I have no idea why I decided to do this.  I’ve got a sci-fi/fantasy book to write and mountains of baseball cards to trade and probably some other stuff too, but the decision is made.  So by the time all the fun-sized candy bars and nasty horrible disgusting candy corn has been given out and Halloween is over for another, I intend to have completed 35-40 sketch cards.

As of right now, I’ve drawn four and inked two.  The inked ones are of one of my favorite wrestling ladies (Tara as she is known in TNA) and the other of are two of my favorite non-sports card bloggers and twitter buddies that I hope get autographed by them.  The two that aren’t inked yet are Batman and a character of my own creation with a similar-sounding name and vastly different everything else.

If you’d like to help the project, I’m open to suggestions on who you’d like me to do, especially if you’d like to buy it after it’s done.  The only specific cards I know I’ll be doing at some point are as follows, so the suggestion box is WIDE open.

Kosuke Fukudome

Eddie Kingston



Phantom Lady

Ricky Rubio

In other news, the Bears are now 2-1, coming back late and holding on against the Hurricane-esque Seahawks.  Seriously, just throw a mask on ’em and stand back! It’s kinda outdated news now (I started this post late Sunday night), but I’m leaving it because the joke is timeless. 😛

I bought two [more] packs of Goodwin champions on Sunday.  I’m not sure, but I might’ve gotten a night variation, and I definitely got a panda.  That was kinda cool I guess.

One last thing: Can JD’s Daddy please let me know if  I got pretty much everything I was intending to send when his package arrives?  I packed everything up rather hastily, so I’m not 100% sure if the big hit made it in.

PS: eBay snipers deserve getting kicked in the shins by NFL kickers, and Jim Mora Jr. is the douche of the night.  I need sleep now.  Aloha.

Until our next…

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