2005 topps Pack Wars Live Break

I wanted to try to do a Youtube break with these, but I’m far too lazy.  Another time mayhaps.

Here we go, pack 1… good grief these things are hard to open!

Game pack 1

139 Scott Hatteberg

147 Matt Lawton parallel #ed 54/56

99 Jason Kendall

Game pack 2

123 Miguel Tejada

143 Shawn Green

49 Milton Bradley

Prize pack


Pack 2

Game Pack 1

16 Derrek Lee- Keeper!

77 Eric Hinske

158 Luis Gonzalez

Game Pack 2

123 Miguel Tejada

143 Shawn Green

49 Milton Bradley- I got effin’ Bipped! 😡

Prize Pack

PWR-MRB Manny Ramirez BAT Relic- Not bad, not bad.

Pack 3

Game Pack 1

113 Roy Oswalt- Hey, I finally got a pitcher.

15 Manny Ramirez

68 Tony Batista

Game Pack 2

8 Bartolo Colon

47 Sean Casey- Stat Power 93!  Same as A-Rod. :O

14 Darin Erstad

Prize Pack

PWR-SS Sammy Sosa BAT Relic- Keeper!

Pack 4

Game Pack 1

142 Scott Podsednik

100 Vladimir Guerrero- Keeper!

159 Javy Lopez

Game Pack 2

168 Nick Johnson

105 Adam Dunn

135 Jacque Jones- Throwback uni… Keeper!

Prize Pack

PWR-RP Rafael Palmeiro BAT Relic- Meh, they can’t all be winners.

Pack 5

Game Pack 1

154 Jose Reyes

99 Jason Kendall

119 Bret Boone

Game Pack 2

168 Nick Johnson

157 Mark Teixeira

140 Gary Sheffield

Prize Pack

PWA-MY Michael Young AUTOGRAPH- He’s Pretty good.

So there you have it.  I think I did pretty decent, even getting Bipped.  What say you?

The hits:

Zack Greinke Auto

Michael Young Auto

Sammy Sosa Bat- Keeper

Manny Ramirez Bat

Rafael Palmeiro Bat

Matt Lawton parallel #ed /56

Everything not listed as a keeper is available for trade.

9 thoughts on “2005 topps Pack Wars Live Break

  1. Brian says:

    Any interest in trading that Mike Young auto?

  2. wickedortega says:

    manny bat please!!!

  3. wickedortega says:

    I’ll send you some nice Vlad’s and other cubbies

  4. wickedortega says:

    And i’ll take the Zack auto too please!

  5. wickedortega says:

    i got somthing ready for you to be shipped out!

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