5000 Hitz Contest!

Woo, so I’ve gone over 5000 hits.  Even the least-read active card-type blogger has finally gotten there.  Now then, I mentioned something about an uncirculated contest somewhere or something.  The time of contesting is upon us.

There are 5 cards up for grabs in total, and there are five big ways to win big in this here contest.  Or, um wait.  There will be five prizes, but only two ways to win them.

The rulez:

To win the big prize, I need a number between 1 and 57.  The correct number wins a 2003 topps Chrome uncirculated X-Fractor of Victor Martinez and Brandon Phillips.  The right number will get it, and everyone else that makes a guess will be random.org’d for a shot at love four different uncirculated football cards.

The name at the top of the list will get to choose first, from a 2003 Finest T.O. X-Fractor, 2003 Finest Amani Toomer X-Fractor, 2005-ish Chrome DeShaun Foster Red Refractor, and a 2000-something Pristine JJ Arrington.  Second place chooses from the three remaining, and so on.

One guess per person, you have until the end of the weekend to enter.  Good luck.

Here’s a look at what you’ll be playing for:

Uncirculated Cards

You may commence the guessing…


Hey I’m Back

Did you miss me?  Did you even know I was gone?  It’s been over two weeks since I’ve posted anything.  Nothing much happened in my life while I wasn’t blogging.  Was just being lazy and wasting time like a chubby cat when I wasn’t drawing.  I came up well short on my sketch card goal of completing 35-40.  I only even got 22 drawn.

Final tally:

• 22 sketch cards drawn

• 18 (I think) sketch cards inked

• 6 sketch cards colored

• 5 sketch cards finished

Two of the colored sketch cards I lacked the right color of marker to finish (Only have about 20), the fifth finished card was penciled portraity card of Nelson Mandela.  It came out so right that I didn’t even want to try to ink it.

So yes, I came up well short of my goal.  However, I’m not entirely displeased.  I didn’t think I had a chance to begin with, and the fact that I got as far as I did was actually fairly encouraging, considering how lazy I know myself to be.  I even got over my inability to draw more than two sketch cards in one sitting, doing as many as four at one point.  The last 10 or so I inked and all six I colored were all done in the same sitting as well.

I’m not there yet, but I’m on my way.

Now that that is out of the way as an official happening (I will still finish the rest when the mood strikes), November is National Novel Writing Month.  I’m trying man, but I’m getting nowhere fast.  I’m having a really hard time with the first few lines of my epic.  It’s like… I can visualize it in my head, I know exactly how it’s supposed to play out, I just cannot find the words for it.  Any suggestions?  I know we’ve got at least a couple of authors out there in the sports card blogosphere.

I have also received cards from the following people since last we spoke:

Shot Not Taken

Wax Heaven (Giveaway stuffs)

Ryan’s Memorabilia Blog

Baseball Dad

Play at the Plate

Nachos Grande

Sorry, Sweet Georgia Brown is playing, one sec…

Okay, where was I?  Oh yes, I will get to work on getting your packages sent, starting today.  Baseball Dad and Shot Not Taken’s are packaged up already, so they will likely be going out today (Sorry Ray, I guess it was a good thing I didn’t mention a specific week when I said they’d be going out “mid-week” a couple weeks ago).

Also of note, to M. Ryan, I don’t think the DeMetrius Williams Sweet Spot RC auto will be making it to you this round (*cough*becauseIcan’trememberwhereitis*cough*), so hopefully our trade didn’t hinge on it.  Everything else is present and accounted for, however.

I’ll just send DeMetrius all willy-nilly whenever I find it.

I will scan the wonderful cards I’ve received as soon as I can and finally get around to doing some proper thank yous to y’all as well as a few that others I missed along the way.

The last thing I want to do before I get on with my day is ask Nachos Grande where he got the ridiculously awesome A&G mini-sized top loader & sleeve.  The collecting world needs to know this information!

Until our next…