Quick Hitz

Hi everybody.  Keep those contest guesses coming.  There’s still a lot of numbers between 1 and 57 left to guess.  You have till… Monday Night Football ends to get your guesses in.

And now for a random wonderfully excellent pack break.  A version with scans will be made for A Pack to be Named Later early next week, because I’ll have scans by then! 😛

2009 topps Updates & Highlights fat pack (36 cards per pack)


UH203 Ben Francisco

UH234 Mike Sweeney

UH162 Chris Perez

UH52 Kyle Blanks Padres RC

UH12 Edwin Maysonet- I always think mayonnaise when I see his last name for some reason…

UH236 Kris Benson- I had no idea he was still playing.

UH123 Ryan Braun All-Star

UH235 Joe Nathan All-Star- Gotta love the random placement of the All-Star Game logo on the front, lol.

UH292 Yuniesky Betancourt

UH321 Hunter Pence All-Star- Picture actually from the All-Star Game.  Nice.

UH22 Brett Gardner

TR128 Tommy Hanson Turkey Red Braves RC

TTT72 Jacoby Ellsbury topps Town

UH326 Nate McClouth

UH328 Matt Palmer

UH267 Miguel Cairo

UH77 Jeremy Reed

UH304 Swisher & Damon Classic Combos

UH96 Tony Gwynn (Jr.)- Really need to have the Jr. on the end of his name since he’s playing for the Padres now, especially if there’s a Papa Gwynn SP lurking anywheres.

UH285 Ryan Franklin


UH24 Gabe Gross

UH167 Julio Borbon Rangers RC

UH18 John Grabow- A Cub!  Keeper.

UH39 Jake Fox- Another Cub!  Keeper.

UH273 Mark Lowe

UH240 Jason Marquis All-Star

UH2 Felipe Lopez

UH266 Jonathan Broxton All-Star

UH315 Jerry Hairston Jr.- Wait, Jerry gets a Jr. any Tony Gwynn Jr. doesn’t?  Wat?

UH239 George Sherrill Gold Parallel 0096/2009

AST-7 Joe Mauer All-Star Workout Jersey Relic!!!!- Hellz yeah!

UH75 Matt Lindstrom

UH290 Jason Michaels

UH146 Juan Cruz

UH25 Orlando Hudson

I bought the pack in hopes of getting one of those slick Propaganda Poster inserts (1:2 fat packs), but I didn’t get one.  I think I did okay though.  Can’t hope for much better than Tommy Hanson AND a hit of a great player.

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