2008 topps Chrome from the $1.59 Bin

Exactly what it says on the tin.  I raided the newest stuff that had found it’s way into the discount bin at Shopko when I was in there on Saturday.  Also picked up two 2007 topps ’52 Rookies packs, a pack of 2008 Mayo football, and the most boring pack of 2008 topps Heritage ever made.  More on that stuff another time though; we all about the Chrome right now!  I got shorted a card in one pack, so only 27 cards.  This is everything:

6 packs 2008 topps Chrome 1

The Harden Refractor is a keeper until he ends up somewhere else...

6 packs 2008 topps Chrome 2

J-Roll is a blue refractor parallel #ed /200. And did those X-Fractors scan nice or what? Randor Bierd & Matt Holliday

6 packs 2008 topps Chrome 3

Grady's a Refractor if you can't quite tell. Manny's going to Wicked Ortega. Someday. Adam Jones is for Beardy. So's Prince Randor of Eternia if he wants him.

Everyone except for Harden (for now), Manny, Pacman Jones, & maybe Randorrrrr are available for trade.  Call ya shot.

Over and out!

2 thoughts on “2008 topps Chrome from the $1.59 Bin

  1. deal says:

    dammit I was at Target y-day and they didn’t have anything cool like 08 Chrome in my budget bin. Some Nice stuff in there.

    I am interested in that Rollins cards and a couple of the 08 Bowman Draft Picks from a previous post – will send you an email.

    • lonestarr says:

      Well, at least your Target has a budget bin still. The one here hasn’t had one for at least 6 months, though I also scored 6 $1.59 2008 topps Chrome packs from it during it’s last hurrah. Shopko always has at least two mostly full bins though. They had three when I was in there over the weekend. Once they even had four!

      Okay, I’ll shut up about the Shopko bargain bin before I make anyone else jealous. K-Mart had a couple retail boxes of ’08 Heroes baseball and ’08 Icons football a couple weeks ago. The heroes were 99¢ per pack and the Icons were 49¢ per pack!

      Okay, now I’m done. 😛

      I’ll be watching for the email as best I can. It’s been a little iffy lately, so apologies in advance if I’m slow getting to it.

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