More Tales from the Bargain Bin

Let’s get the foul taste of my crappy real life off the top of my blog.  Here’s some more cards from the wonderful bargain bin at Shopko.  First, the two packs of 2007 topps ’52 Rookies.  Despite having never actually pulled a hit (though I did pull two refractors from the ’06 iteration, Matt Leinart from football and Hanley Ramirez from baseball), topps ’52 remains one of my favorites from the second half of the decade.  I don’t have any idea why, it’s actually a pretty boring looking set.  But for some reason I like it and always pick up any I see.

So here’s what I got:

2007 topps '52

w00t, Aki!

2007 topps '52-2

Chrome-ified Delwyn Young. And yes, Brandon Moss was the 4th card in both packs...

There ya go.  All up for the tradin’.  And if anyone I’m already owing stuff to wants any of these, let me know and I shall put them in your pile.

Now for the notable cards from the pack of 2008 Mayo:

2008 Mayo

Yes, I beat the 1:48 pack odds for a f@#%ing horse... a weird looking one at that.

The Schmitt card is just hilarious.  The mouthguard being kinda out like that makes it look like a pacifier, and the thought of a big guy with a mohawk sucking on a pacifier is teh lulz.  And there’s a bonus random bicep in the picture too.  That’s not funny really, but it’s a pretty big bicep.

And then there’s the dummy card.  It’s always nice when companies can be bothered to do something worthwhile with the decoy, so +1 for that.

That’s all for now.  I’ve got some stuff from a small trade with Baseball Dad and a couple clunker-type ones from Stats on the Back and Nachos Grande to put up later.

Oh, and keep those votes coming.  There’s only around 36 hours left to get your guesses in, before the 5000 Hit Contest ends for real this time.


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