Shalrie, Shalrie…♫

Since my Shalrie Joseph jersey card has just found itself a soon-to-be new home at The Great Sports Name Hall of Fame, I have an excuse to post it, along with a few other nice cards I pulled all by my lil ‘ol self.

My own pulls

Griffey is the only keeper.

I guess the golf auto counts as a pull.  It was the guaranteed auto from a 5 golf packs and an auto thing.  And a good one at that.

'08 Upper Deck MLS Shalrie Joseph Jersey-Back

Here's the not-especially-committal back of the Shalrie Joseph swatch of somethin' or other. The swatch feels like the trim on the shorts I'm wearing.

Shalrie was almost a keeper, but it’s cool.  I will track another down someday if I feel the need.  That said, I’m not without soccer swatches of great midfielders even after Shalrie goes on his way.

That… was a tease. 😉

The Winning Number!

Here’s the winning number:


The card you’ve been trying to win was #’ed /57, hence the guessing pf numbers between 1 and 57, and if you can’t tell from the blurrier than I was expecting scan, it’s #’ed 19/57.  Therefore, the winning number is:


Nobody guessed the right number though.  I guess I don’t have enough reach for a contest like this yet, or the contest just wasn’t good enough to attract enough interest to get a lot of people guessing.  Either that or y’all are just bad guessers. 😛

Now what do I do though?  Do I throw it into the drawing now, and leave all five cards to be won that way?  Do I give it to the person that’s guess was the closest?  Suggestions please. :/

The Most Badass Sketch Card There Ever Was

My dad finally got around to making use of the pack of blank sketch cards I gave him when I bought my first packs some time ago.  And oh did he ever it pwn it on his first try!  I’m going to start scanning all his sketch books and make him a deviantART account and post his stuff wherever I can (been meaning to for awhile).  He is a great artist, and where my brother and (allegedly) me get our mad artistic skillz.  So without further ado, I proudly present to the world, the most badass sketch card that’s ever been drawn:

Chuck Norris Sketch Card!


That’s right, it’s a sketch card of Chuck-Freakin’-Norris!  My dad has been a big fan of Chuck Norris for a long, long time (decades before Chuck Norris Facts, the Walker, Texas Ranger Lever, or even Walker, Texas Ranger itself made it cool), so it’s only appropriate the man hisself be his first try at a sketch card.  Pretty awesome huh?  I like how he colored it, to give it an old-timey feel.  I forget the exact colors, but he did this with gel pens.  Not bad, eh?