The Winning Number!

Here’s the winning number:


The card you’ve been trying to win was #’ed /57, hence the guessing pf numbers between 1 and 57, and if you can’t tell from the blurrier than I was expecting scan, it’s #’ed 19/57.  Therefore, the winning number is:


Nobody guessed the right number though.  I guess I don’t have enough reach for a contest like this yet, or the contest just wasn’t good enough to attract enough interest to get a lot of people guessing.  Either that or y’all are just bad guessers. 😛

Now what do I do though?  Do I throw it into the drawing now, and leave all five cards to be won that way?  Do I give it to the person that’s guess was the closest?  Suggestions please. :/


4 thoughts on “The Winning Number!

  1. Tim says:

    haha sorry, I hyped it to try to get more people to come. Guess I don’t have enough reach either though.
    As for what to do – closest is usually a good way to do it. Shame that isn’t me haha

  2. Tim says:

    OMG. You pulled Shalrie!!!! He is my favorite favorite favorite MLSer!!!!

    Anyway I can trade you? I’ll throw in some of the TTM stuff I got to start. I may also have some Hanleys/Vlads you need too.

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