The Winnars!

Roll that beautiful bean footage!  Or just show the pic of the final randomization…

There you have it.  Brian gets the first choice of uncirculated card, Deal gets the next choice, packaddict gets third, The Don has pick four, and Shane Elkinton gets the last card remaining.

I’ll get Collective Troll *something*, sometime, someday for making the the closest guess, but finishing last in the drawing.

Thank you to everyone who played, and thank you all for supporting my blog.  Have a wonderful day.

5 thoughts on “The Winnars!

  1. Brian says:

    I’m shocked. Thanks a bunch for having the contest! If the Victor Martinez card is up for grabs I’ll take it. Thanks!!

    • lonestarr says:

      It is, and it is yours. It’s too late to put it in the with the return trade though, and wouldn’t have fit anyway. I should be caught up sending trades sometime near the end of the Mayan calendar though, so the V-Mart/B-Phil should make a nice end of the world present. Or something. o.O

  2. Brian says:

    Sweet. I’ll out it in the car with John Cusack to keep it safe!

  3. Brian says:

    That’s put, not out.

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