Keyboard Fail

My keyboard is no longer working, so no more posts until I get a new one tomorrow.  I’m sure as heck not writing enough for a proper post with this on-screen.  A real shame too, I just woke from a dream about baseball cards.  Let’s just call it ‘anime-esque’.  And I need also to reveal the results of my 2005 Pack Wars twitter 5 pack break here on the blizzog.

And that concludes my short burst of energy.  Back to sleep I go, till at least 4am hopefully.  Goodnight, sports fans and uber-sweet blogger ladies I have a crush on.

43 home runs?? Seriously?

Random pictures I can do…

(Edit: Just found a contest guess from Stats-on-the-Back in the spam comments between a long ranty spam about flu and medicines or something and spam for… semen pills. Umm, yeah.  Sorry you got lost in the shuffle.  Hopefully I can find something especially useful to send in return for your particular clunkers.)

Going out on a (Hall of Fame) High note!

My last ’75 to show.  Urgh, goodnight again…


9 thoughts on “Keyboard Fail

  1. wickedortega says:

    did you get your package???

  2. wickedortega says:

    It’s a 1/1 you know….. Glad you liked!!!

  3. wickedortega says:

    didn’t get the package you sent 😦

    • lonestarr says:

      Not surprising, it didn’t make it out till just before the last sorting of the day on Monday. Is there any mail service at all on Friday or Saturday? If not, it should hopefully be there by next Monday.

  4. wickedortega says:

    i have no idea but i do know for you to have a Happy Thanksgiving dude!!

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