Keyboard Unfail

The long national nightmare is over, I have a keyboard again. 😛

Let us touch on a few things quickly before I go hang with da fam and watch football and eat so much turkey and mashed potatoes & gravy that it starts dripping out my ears!

First, trade packages were sended out to M. Ryan of Ryan’s Memorabilia Blog, Brian of Play at the Plate, and The Don hisself, Mr. Wicked Ortega late Monday afternoon.  And you’ll be pleased to know that I found the DeMetrius Williams Sweet Spot auto, Mike.  It’s pretty ridonkulous.  I have no idea if there be mail service on Friday or Saturday (I make up for my slowness by being oblivious! :P), but if not, hopefully they will make it by Monday, and provide you all a slightly gentler landing coming back to earth after the long holiday weekend.

Addresses, I need addresses.  Who do I need addresses from?  I need addresses from Roll out the Barrell and Sooz of A Cardboard Problem so I can sends them stuff.  And I’d like to send stuff to Marie too, but I still don’t know if she wants any of the Linds/Canos/Martins/etc I have.

Ooh ooh ooh, here’s one for McCann Can Triple for when I finally get around to sending stuff to her late next summer (I REALLY hope I’m joking about that…).  Do you have many Braves hits, specifically Chipper Jones?  I got two Chipper jerseys in the five packs of 2005 topps Pack Wars I busted on twitter on Tuesday, and I was wondering if you’d like one of them.  I will scan them (and a bunch of other stuff) later today.  They are shiny.

I’ve gotten a TON of great cards in the last two days, and I can’t wait to scan them for you all to see.  So much stuff came on Tuesday and Wednesday that I didn’t even feel the need to stop in the card aisle on the way out of Walmart when I picked up the new keyboard.  An embarrassment of riches, to be sure.  I received all my larger things from eBay, and received a trade from Wicked Ortega that had one of the greatest cards I have ever seen, so business is about to pick up on the ol’ blog.  And somewhere in there, I will reminisce(sp?) about Allen Iverson, one of the greatest basketball players that ever lived, who called it a career yesterday.