I Wanna Say, Thank You ♫

I know I’m a little late with this, but there are some people I am thankful for, and I want to say thank you to them.

First, I am thankful for Migdalia, the Latina on a Mission herself.  Really, twitter makes you think you are closer to people you actually are, and we probably hardly know each other at all (we even discussed this phenomena once, lol).  But that doesn’t matter, because there aren’t many people that can instantly put a smile on my face with just their presence, not many people can make my heart skip a beat just by saying (err, typing?) my name.  She is not only one of the few people in this world that can do that to me, but also a sweet and helpful person who’s gentle encouragement gives me hope.

Next, I am thankful for Jacky from over at justin.tv, who’s presence does the same thing as Migdalia.  Similar in personality as well.  In fact, I’ve known Jacky quite a bit longer.  We haven’t talked much lately, but every time we do, I get the same warm & fuzzies. 🙂

I am also thankful for AnotherMaria.  She is just made of awesome, basically.  She’s strong-willed, motivated, driven to succeed.  She can multitask like nobody’s business.  She is basically all the good stuff that I’m not, but want to be.  She is The Maria as far as I’m concerned.  I hope to be as awesome as her one day.  It may be an impossible dream, but to be that strong, I suppose there is nothing I couldn’t do, and I could find someone as awesome as Maria to be with (and feel like I might actually be on something close to equal footing).

Taylor, another someone I haven’t talked to in awhile, but someone I go back with further than anyone else on the internet.  I’m thankful for her because, well, I might never have even taken the first step try to recover from my horrible mental screwed-upedness if not for her.  Amazing what having someone to care about can do.

And amongst the card bloggers there, whom I am thankful for in general, for what I have learned from y’all about generosity and stuff, are a few I am particularly thankful for.

Shane of Shoebox Legends, with whom I made my first major trade.  He’s cool, and who knows if I would’ve even hung around if not for that trade.

Of course we should all be thankful for the ladies of Dinged Corners, who constantly push the limits of what we can learn from cards.  They are truly innovative in their approach to little cardboard pictures of baseball players.  Go look through their archives if for some reason you don’t know of them, and prepare to have your mind blown by all the ways baseball cards can be used to teach, all the things things you can learn, all things you never considered before, about specific cards and cards in general.

And finally, I want to thank the man, the myth, the Wicked Ortega.  I want to thank him for caring enough to comment frequently, and for just being cool in general.  Thank you.

And yeah, I totally cried at his “What I’m Thankful For” post.  Like “hide the sharp objects” crying.  When it comes to people I have a connection to, that kinda thing is like stabbing me in the soul.  I hurt right along with.

I know I’m leaving out a few people I’m thankful for, for one reason or another, and I hope they know how much they mean to me.  You all are as much family to me as my own flesh & blood, perhaps even more so.  I think my friends are a blessing, even if I don’t often know how to properly express it, and I think that, in my friends, I am surrounded by some of the greatest people who have ever lived.

Love always…

7 thoughts on “I Wanna Say, Thank You ♫

  1. Ms. Latina says:

    You just made my night by mentioning me and I want you to know that you are one of the Twitter friends that I am most thankful for! I also have to thank Taylor, even tho I do not know her, for being such a driving force in your life, as well as Another Maria for connecting us.

    You have some amazing friends, Mr. Not so LoneStarr. Not many people can make that claim and I have to say its because you ARE more amazing then realize. My hope and prayer is that one day you will see it yourself. Till then we will be your mirror!


    Ms. Latina

    • lonestarr says:

      ♥♥ Aww, you are far too kind, Ms. L. I do have some amazing friends, that much is true. Thank you for being a part of my life. m(_ _)m

  2. Maria says:

    Twitchy! Thank you so much for the kind words. I truly appreciate it and am thankful for you as well. Thanks for your words of wisdom… when things are pretty crazy around here you remind me to pace myself! I forget sometimes and get overwhelmed but you are one of the people that kept me in check! haha.

    Take care and keep up the great work. You’re doing awesome! Don’t try to be like me, be BETTER! 😉 I can’t even do what you do! Remember that. You are one of a kind.

    Happy holidays and KIT!

    • lonestarr says:

      Be better? Surely there is no way! :O But if you wish it of me, then I shall try. Keeping kickin’ butt and have a wonderful holiday season yourself. 😉

  3. Shane says:

    I’m thankful that I’ve gotten to know you too, at least on a baseball card level! In fact, I think it’s about time I sent you another package!

  4. wickedortega says:

    Thanks so much, i really can say that i’ve enjoyed getting to know you and reading your blog…. I’m sure in some kind of werid ways our life are not that far apart (maybe in age) but those see allot know allot my friend….. And please know that i’m always here to talk or write if you ever need anything other than baseball cards……. And my post about What i’m Thankful for…. I’ve had allot of lost in my life but even tho i wish it ever happened, it has made me the person i am today…. learn from everything that happens in your life…. thats how i try to live mines….. Mad love homie!!! ONE!

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