Good News, Everyone!

I’m back on track sorta with the bloggin’ and tradin’ & stuff.  The joy.  Here’s what all is happening.

Within the next couple hours, five bubble mailers with cards in them will be going out to the following peeps:

Marie of A Cardboard Problem (and I totally forgot the sketch card, so you’ll be due for another eventually), Shot Not Taken, Stats on the Back, Nachos Grande, and umm, someone else (sleep-deprived brain can’t remember last one).

That still leaves soon to be sent packages to Sooz also of A Cardboard Problem, Night Owl, Great Sports Name Hall of Fame, Roll out the Barrel, and… I’m pretty sure there are a couple more.  If I did miss anyone else, please let me know!

More good news!  I finally got that last bunch of scans with trades & stuff, and did a couple more of the I picked up from Check Out My Cards.  So I will have some pretty pictures to go with my pithy commentary again, lol.

Side note: Lacking scans and not having much card stuff to write about lately, and seeing this recent post from Ms. Latina gave me much to think about, and I actually started a post along the lines of that subject (race/ethnicity if you don’t want to click the link).  I’m sure it would’ve been interesting, and I may still do it if I can find the words.  And not that it has or ever will stop me from writing about other things, but I am curious about something.  Does anyone even care or pay attention when I write about anything besides cards?

Finally, despite massive sleep problems of late, I do have personal good news too.  I got a HUGE hit out of a retail pack at Walmart last night.  Let’s just say, I also picked up a couple Topps206 packs in the hopes of maybe getting lucky with a relatively easy to pull (1:41 pack) auto, but I ended up pulling something considerably harder to get than the hardest pull from 206 retail, which itself is a little over 1:500 packs.  Oh, and it’s someone good too.

Was that a great tease or what? 😉

Write on, ride on…

6 thoughts on “Good News, Everyone!

  1. wickedortega says:

    I for one always read your blog and find all the things you write about great…. Its fun once in a while to mix it up and that you do great…. I’ve enjoyed read everything so far and hopefully there will be more to read… Thanks for your thoughts!

  2. Shane says:

    I read every post you write, even if I don’t always comment. Looking forward to finding otu what your hit is!

  3. Ken says:

    Sure write about whatever you want! You are very “alive” and your love for life comes through no matter what you are talking about. And I dig that!

  4. Tim says:

    I agree, write what you’d like dude! I know with my own blog that if I wasn’t loving what I write then I wouldn’t keep writing. I think the stuff you write is interesting enough for readers anyways…you’re good.

  5. Ms. Latina says:

    I agree with everyone above! I like hearing your thoughts and honestly Twitter is just too short for your brainstorms so go ahead cause you have our “ears”!

    Hmmm on another note if you have a really beginners type post on cards please let me know where its at, I am sooooo lost and would love to learn! Gracias / Thanks!

  6. Thanks for the package of cards! I’ve got a post about it waiting in my queue but I wanted to make sure to let you know they arrived today.

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