Live Box Breaks & Stuff

In celebration of passing inspection, I will be busting my box of Fantastic Four Archives live on tonight.  It was mentioned by a whole bunch of people how annoying it is that video breaks tend to pay no mind to the base and regular inserts.  Well, because I’m not on a time limit and like to savor the break and make it last, I tend to show every single card, even in really big boxes.

Also, if the non-sport and promised sketch card do nothing for you, I have a box of ’09 UD A Piece of History that should come just before or just after Christmas.  If it comes after, I will do a live box break of it whatever day it arrives.  If you’d like to come see it unfold in all it’s crappy $20 webcam glory, come on by.  And if it’s as it I remember, it’s very easy to sign up to Jtv, so please do.  That way, you can chat with me as the breaks are going down.

And fear not, I will be doing the requisite blog posts in the week(s, depending on laziness/scanner access) after the break.

Finally, I’ve got a couple good ones so far, but I am still looking for more opinions/thoughts/experiences that may be helpful for the “Collecting for Beginners” post.