For the Love of Trade Bait!

Man that trade bait post went over crazy well, absolutely demolished my single day record for hits.  Instead of hashing everything out in the comments section, let’s do a whole post on it.

• First, Shane of Shoebox Legends gets the Pedro parallel and Manny bat card.  We have traded twice before, and I have no doubt he will hook me up with some good Cubbies, especially if I end up with any of the Cubbies from the Old School Group Break he is making out rather bandit-like in, lol.

blazershane gets the Gaylord Perry for offering up a Just Aramis Ramirez auto.  I can’t pass up an auto of my favorite current Cub, but I wouldn’t have gone this way if I didn’t have something up my penny sleeve for my pal, the great Wicked Ortega.

• So don’t worry Alfredo, I do have a different Perry jersey if you want it.  And I also received a 2008 Legendary Cuts Generations dual jersey of David Ortiz and Jim Rice from Shot Not Taken in our latest very impromptu trade.  Fate is funny sometimes though, as I already had two of the Goodwin Champions Aramis Ramirez jerseys you offered, so to do I have said Ortiz/Rice already as well.  So you will be getting one of them if you want it.

Baseball Card Stuff will be getting the Roger Clemens jersey (and all the 206 thick bronzy parallels I have so far).  I think I have the Donruss Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie already, but I will check to be sure.  Still though, as of now, Clemens is yours.

For everyone needing to email me, behold!

I finally linked things.

My email address doesn’t seem to be available on my blog anywhere.  At all.  It’s been an issue ever since I started trading, so I’ve finally gotten around to doing something about it.  Click on that link in the sidebar, shown in the picture above, to get to my blogger profile.  You can find my email there.

A last couple things before I go,

Eddie Mathews remains untraded.  Sorry to be such a hardass on that one, but like I said, it’s going to take something very special for me to give him up.

And second, where are all the Yankees and Braves fans?  No takers on the Chippahs or the Yankee Hall of Famers?  There are at least as many Braves and Yankee fan card bloggers combined as there are Orioles fan card bloggers, maybe even slightly more somehow, but no bites.  I am… disheartened. u.u

But seriously though, I’ve got so many stinkin’ Yankees I want to get rid of.  And considering they don’t tend to severely dominate sets like the Yanks and unlike a few teams, I don’t seek any extras out at all (that LaRoche auto aside), the Braves seem to be one of my more prolific teams as well.  Come on, man!

Anyway, though the post begins it’s slow descent down the blog, the rest of the cards not claimed are still very much in play.  For all the action and blog hits, only four of the cards in the post are actually going out thusfar.  Seeya next time I have something to post about!

I need a donut and some more sleep…

13 thoughts on “For the Love of Trade Bait!

  1. Shane says:

    Hah, definitely took the Cubs in that break with you in mind! I’ll definitely be sending at least a couple of them your way, got some other stuff as well…

  2. Baseball card stuff says:

    Hey man, thanks for the clemens. I’ll e-mail you my address later. I can probably come up with some good stuff to send your way.

  3. Tim says:

    Gotcha dude – maybe one of these days I’ll try for the Eddie if I get the resources. The best I could offer now is the Moon double relic, a Moon serial #’d, like 20 other Moons (my last ones haha) and a few TTMs. But Eddie is Eddie…so I’ll get in touch with you if I pull something awesome in the future.

    • lonestarr says:

      Would love the Moons, but I don’t want to take your whole collection. You’ve already sent like 46 and I’m still struggling to come up with enough stuff to send back, lol.

      • Tim says:

        hahaha it’s okay. I need to trim my player collections anyways and make some space in my binders and getting rid of a lot of Warrens would do that.

        So I guess here’s what I could offer for Eddie:
        7 Griffeys (94 Topps, 91 Fleer, 96 Score Checklist, 93 Hostess, 99 Topps Record Numbers, 91 Donruss, 07 Bowman’s Best)

        1 Dawson (92 shiny panini mini sticker)

        Kind of 4 Carews (90 and 88 Score mini cards with sportflix-y stuff on one side that has nothing to do with rod and then rod’s name and achievements on the back, plus 2 of the 91 Bowman Carews from a weird Carew subset they had that year)

        All 15 of my Hanleys (another pc I need to trim, though I’m sure you have most of them, I could give you a list of what I’ve got though)

        1 2004 Ichiro Power Up card (big head little body, maybe you have it but maybe not)

        and 12 of my 14 remaining Moons. The two Moons I cannot part with are a sticker card from 1985 and a Select card with a great shot of Warren’s MOON hat. But you’d get the double relic, some older topps (including 87, 88, and 89), the edge serial numbered card (614/2500, a skybox impact, a berman’s best, and some other cards.

        And I guess on top of it I could throw in some Cubs or something if you wanted.

        In return, just the Eddie. And haha you don’t need to work to hard on the return package from before…I know you told me some of the stuff going in at first (the carr gu, the shalrie gu, etc.) and I was already like wow super generous. So I’m sure it’s good haha.

        And also (last and), if you still wanna hold on to the Eddie then I understand. No hard feelings/no pressure/all that good stuff haha. I do the same thing with cards sometimes so I definitely get it!

        • lonestarr says:

          Woah, I think you’ve made me an offer I can’t refuse… you have yourself a deal. But forgive me if I do find other stuff to throw in with the Mathews.

          • Tim says:

            hahaha I will forgive you. I don’t mind trading lots of cards for one or two I really like though, so you’re just adding icing to my proverbial cake. But thank you! I will try to get your package in the mail today if I get to the post office in time (I’m trying to ship other stuff too but only have an hour to pack it all hahaha).

          • lonestarr says:

            Alright man, sounds good. And remember, sometimes the icing is the best part! (Though it probably won’t be in this case, but who knows… I haven’t thought far enough ahead to know what else I’ll be sending along, lol.)

          • Tim says:

            Haha it certainly could be, you never know!

  4. ig4mer says:

    Ahh should have checked with you before sending it out. oh wells…

    Are you a Deron Williams fan? I can throw in a 2008 Bowman Deron Williams Jersey in the Williams/ Head for Jason Mayhem Miller trade if you don’t have it. Just let me know.

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