Back in Business I Guess

I was feeling better yesterday, so I went out and got some groceries and stuff.  I’m now kinda sick again, but I also managed to get some scans for my trouble.  Like 26 of them (and there’s a bunch more left to go).  So we’ll be getting back into some proper posting soon I think.  I do have every intention of throwing in more scans and/or pictures (if applicable) of my attempts at art, as well.  And the former Sketch Card Mania page will host the sketch cards I finish and scan after they get their proper posts.

This is all I’m posting today though.  Running a card blog ain’t as glamorous as it looks.  I have to get some trades in proper order, and then I’m going to see if I can squeeze a little more life out of my old and broke-ass digital cable box so I can watch TV again, maybe some football.  Then I’m spending the rest of the day drawing new sketch cards, and finishing the ones I’ve drawn already that need finishing.  Woo, such a life I lead. 😛

EDIT: Out of curiosity, how long do digital cable boxes tend to last?  I’ve had mine for going on 5 1/2 years, and it appears to be completely shot.  Not that I know anything about it, but all the stuff plugged into the back and the wall and everything is all tight, so I guess the thing is just finally broken.  Any advice on how to proceed here?

Have a safe and happy rest of your Wildcard Weekend, everyone!

Teh nose… it drips!

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