Can’t Talk, Arting!

Back in business just in time to take a few days off, huh?  Anyway, all I wanna do right now is draw and think about absolutely else, so I shall.  Don’t worry though, nothing personal, and not like how I used take off on my own back home whenever I got tired of hanging out with friends when I was little.  Actually I wouldn’t mind company if I had anyone on MSN or whatever, I just have a powerful need to get away from the sports cards and reality and twitter and sh*t for awhile and release this tension I’m feeling.

It’s like… I got no patience for anything that requires much of me right now.  Most of my art, and writing for that matter, is pure instinct and doesn’t require a lot of thought.  It just sorta happens.  So I’m gonna do that.  I’ll get around to some real posting again soon hopefully.

Oh, I did manage to get some cards sent out today, a couple small packages are on their way to Dinged Corners and Shot Not Taken.  Hope ya like. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Can’t Talk, Arting!

  1. For us? Thanks, we look forward to it.

    Will you share any art results?

    • lonestarr says:

      I’ll try to get some scans of the sketch cards over the weekend to post. Hopefully I can get a two or three more done by then.

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