It’s Sketch Card Time!


I was able to get out and do some more scanning last night, woo.  And my timing was good, the other two Brooke Morales cards were waiting for me when I checked my mail on the way out, so they got scanned as well.  I cut my hair too, so I’m not longer able to chew on my bangs.  Yes, they were seriously long enough for me to chew on… >.>

Yes I cut my own hair too.  Poor people gotta do things on they own sometimes.  I’m apparently not too bad at it though, so why not.  Can always buzz it down if it doesn’t take.

Anyway, I replied to Dinged Corners that I’d scan my latest sketch cards over the weekend.  So here are three of them.  These are three of the four guys they created so the SuperFriends wouldn’t be all white (didn’t finish El Dorado yet).  If only they remembered to give them pants… Alas.

On… to the cards!

Apache Chief

The Chief came out fairly well, hands aside, but as with all three, it looks like there’s a bit more coloring I could do (I’m not going to let myself though).  Coloring is such a pain, I always seem to forget some detail. :/

Black Vulcan

I totally botched Vulcan’s lips & his nose is sorta lopsided.  Live & learn.  I never could wrap my head around the whole throwing an actual lightning bolt thing, though I almost regret not going with that instead of the charged up hands now, not that they look too terrible.


I thought this was my worst sketch of the three, but I freaking love how the coloring turned out.  I’m reasonably sure that 侍 means samurai, though I’m far less confident that I wrote it acceptably.  Still think it all looks pretty cool, heavy-handed penciling that I couldn’t quite erase all the way aside (hands & arms, the legs are intentional & weren’t erased at all).  I have started working on my touch, but not till after I did this one.  And this card didn’t want to come out my brain very well, so yeah…

That’s enough for now, more to come soon.  An avenging spirit from the final frontier, my latest unhealthy obsession with a fictional character, and one that ain’t quite safe for work (it’ll be censored on teh blog, but not dA).

Oh, and Human Target was awesome in that ’90s syndicated action series way that I mark out so much for. 😀

That’s all for now.  Home dawg needs his sleep.  Seeya. 😉

Until our next…