Still Here…

Just didn’t feel like signing in for awhile because it’s annoying.  I picked up a few cards on the ol’ eBay in the few days I’ve been away, including my first Griffey game-used!

In other news, the only others news is that I’ve most just been drawing quite a bit and watching artcasts.  Still without TV, which sucks because I’ve missed so much interesting crap in recent days (all the late night nincompoopery and the second episode of Human Target), but it’ll be taken care of soon enough.  The artcasts are fun though, and I’m learning a lot.  I even set up a channel on ustream to do my own sooner or later, since most artists seem to be there rather than Jtv.

In the last three days, I’ve drawn 9 new sketch, six of them have been inked.  They are… the whole A-Team, Fred McGriff and a not quite realistic but still pretty good likeness apparently of Conan O’Brien cuz I’m with Coco, baby!  Ahem, yes.  The just drawn ones are Duke, Lady Jaye, and Shipwreck of GI Joe.  I made a list of about 20 Joes I want to do cards of, though a few of the lesser-known ones on the list I might not get to due to lack of reference.

Anyway, here’s two more of the six previously finished cards for y’all, since I don’t have the NSFW one edited yet.


Not too bad I guess.  I don’t enjoy coloring that much though, and I’m definitely not good at it yet.  But I’m tryin’.

Cybersix sketch card

I dunno how I missed the greatness that is Cybersix back in the day.  Still can’t get skin shading right to save my life.  Must find the patience to try to blend colors like I did when I first started doing stuffs.  I’m regressing like Joe Flacco.  Dang… :/

Okay, I’m outta here.  There’s more sketch cards to be done!  I’ll see about getting those box break posts up over the weekend.

Seriously, signing in is so annoying…