Three Cards

First, I’m not sure I ever got around to sending BigD my address (if I did, it totally slipped me wonky lil’ brain), so I don’t know how this even got here, but here’s an ’09 Sweet Spot Shin-Soo Choo.  Nice to give one of my most underdeveloped player collections a little love.  I think this is only my fifth or sixth Choo.  Now to get working on that Pablo Sandoval collection (I think I only have one, and it’s missing!).

I really like this picture for some reason...

A word of advice if you are going to send a single card in a plain white envelope: Only use the thinnest top loader.  This was in I think just the next size up and still didn’t fit the sortything apparently, because one side of the envelope was all crunched up up to edge of the top loader.  Cool card though.  Only my second of the ’09 set I think.

Next, I sent Shot Not Taken the Jason “Mayhem” Miller relic plus a a few guys for his PCs.  Here’s what I received in return.  Two very nice cards to kick off my newest player collection, Deron Williams!

Yeesh, dirty scanner is dirty. :/

The Bowman was just a nice bonus. This is the card I wanted for Mayhem. I was an Illini fan from about 11 or 12 years old through when Deron and Luther played there and made that run to the title game. Fun times.

Lurve this dual jersey card.  The design is good, and white swatches are almost tolerable when offset by a swatch of another color.

Okay, I’m done blogging for today.  I needs to sleep some more.  Had been doing fairly well for awhile again until yesterday/today.  I look forward to more trades with Ray and a first one with the BigD in the near future.

Dos vadania, comrades. 😛

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