Trading Roll Call!

I’ve been slacking off on the blog of late, as you may have noticed.  My focus is waning, but I digress…

Now that I’m not broke again though, it’s time to get my head back in the game, if only enough to send out some cards.  Here’s everyone I owe/want to send cards:

The Great Sports Name Hall of Fame

McCann Can Triple

Play at the Plate– Contest Grand Prize

Collective Troll– Contest Booby Prize, maybe other stuffs.



Field of Cards– Not entirely sure, but I was asked to do a Markakis sketch card as part of the trade.  That’s cool.

Roll Out the Barrel

Baseball Card Stuff

Sharp Since ’92– You still want some A&G minis??

The Mojo Hand– Holliday Refractor!

drewscards– Pena trifecta completer and other stuff undetermined

Wicked Ortega


White Sox Cards

I think that’s everyone, but if I forgot someone, let me know please.

In addition, I have received cards from Night Owl, Baseball Card Stuff, and Old School Breaks’ Group Break.  I might get around to doin’ up proper posts on them one of these months.

Right now though, I just want go to sleep for about the next 16 hours… *sigh*

Oh, here’s a pic, cuz I can:

D-Wade Murad Mini

This is my sleeve.  Notice the heart on it…

5 thoughts on “Trading Roll Call!

  1. Shane says:

    I got my Old School Breaks package in the mail the other day, which I’ve been waiting on, so I should have some Cubs on their way to you soon!

  2. Tim says:

    Man, quite the list. Lol it’s actually kind of cool that you’re delayed on mine, as I know the day it shows up I will be super psyched. Builds anticipation I guess hahaha.

  3. FieldofCards says:

    Yup! Let me know when the Markakis is ready and we are good to go!

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