Project S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: The Centerpiece

Yaharr, feel the heat.

Ah yes, Project S.T.AL.K.E.R., my excuse to be a perv. 😛

Seriously though, I picked up a cool card that is now the centerpiece of my Brooke Morales collection.  Behold!

It's a sketch card! A really big one.

Pretty cool, huh?  It is 4″x5″ and is encapsulated in a extra large top loader.  I was surprised to get it for less than $20 shipped, but that $15-$20 range seems to be about the going rate for these when they actually come up for auction.  I really like it, though I can’t help but think that, given the chance, I could do some cards on par with most of the Bench Warmer sketch cards that I’ve seen (and most of what I’ve seen is very good!).

Yes, I just made a statement of confidence in my abilities that might border on arrogance.  And I meant every word of it.

What do you mean “Who am I and what did I do with the real Lonestarr?”

Seriously though, the portraity-type drawing is the one thing I think I might have something resembling legit talent in (check the portraiture stuff at my deviantART gallery to see what you think), so I’d love the chance to do Bench Warmer & maybe topps baseball sketch cards someday.  Well, I’d love to do any kind of sketch cards for any company, but the Bench Warmer and baseball and stuff like that I think I could do well immediately.  My other stuff could still use a lot of work (I’m still fairly new at this after a loooong hiatus, after all).

Wow, sidetracked much?  Sorry about that.  I’m gonna shut up now & get a little more sleep.  Gotta be well-rested, there’s a sorta important game on later.  Enjoy the hawtness and catch y’all later. Who Dat!

The back of the card at the top.

It’s the Super Bowl, man!  We’re gonna need a lot more Zubaz!