HanRam & Nick the Stick Sketch Cards

Enough talking about being an artist.  Time to be about being an artist.  Or something.

Field of Cards asked me to do a Mick Markakis sketch card as part of our upcoming trade.  Here that is:

Nick Markakis sketch card.

Trying to not be too hard on myself because it seems to make friends really uncomfortable, but I really shouldn’t have even inked the face at all (it was last second decision, added after I already colored it… oops). I think that weird spot on his forehead by teh eyebrow is rogue eraser junk, btw.

And here’s the Hanley, requested by Wicked Ortega:

Hanley Ramirez sketch card.

Still seeing things that aren’t quite right (you try drawing their f***ing logo that small!), but I’m a little happier with how HanRam turned out.  Didn’t overdo the face ink so bad & managed to blend colors a little bit.

Anyway, hope they are to you guys’ liking.  Picked up some fresh sketch cards, so I guess I can try again on Markakis if he isn’t good enough.  Will send ’em out… eventually.  Seriously though, I’m ready to trade whenever you guys are and have most of your respective cards in order.

Oh, and congrats to the Wicked one on recently surpassing one year of card blogging excellence!  Here’s to many more. 😀

7 thoughts on “HanRam & Nick the Stick Sketch Cards

  1. FieldofCards says:

    That’s great! Looks really cool! Thank you! I will get some cards together this week and then email you.

  2. beardy says:

    Those look great! Sign me up for a Markakis, if you’re gonna make more.

  3. wickedortega says:

    Great Hanley… can’t wait to have it, thanks so much lonestarr….. and keep drawing homie!!

  4. FieldofCards says:

    Hey lonestarr,

    Can u email me at gko@speakeasy.net? For some reason I can’t find your email address. I want to give you my address for the Markakis! And send more your address, please. Thanks, again!

    • lonestarr says:

      I will do so sooner or later. For future reference, it is in my blogger profile that is linked on the sidebar under ‘I wanna talk about me!’. The preview is being weird for me, but it still goes there when I click on it.

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