I am getting really frustrated with my collection.  It is a total mess that I can no longer keep up with.  It’s holding me back from sending out my end of trades to Baseball Dad (the Alomar is missing), McCann (one of the mini Chipper jerseys is missing), The Great Sports Name Hall of Fame (Tyronn Lue card and Rich Hill jersey missing), and Baseball Card Stuff (most of the topps206 Bronzies are missing).

This really sucks.  My frustration has reached a boiling point and I want to be rid of most of this stuff.  It’s just taking up space.  I’m not quitting, I’m just starting over.  I’ll still buy cards in the future, I just want 2/3 of what I’ve got, gone, so that then I’ll be able to organize what’s left and be able to easily shuffle new cards into the collection and also find stuff!  So if you’d like a random assortment of cards from your team and/or possibly off certain wantlists, email me your address and I will stuff as much as I can into a 4″x7″ bubble mailer and it can be your problem.* 😛

All I ask for is something off my wantlist in return.  It can just be one card or it can be a whole bunch of stuff.  I’m not so concerned with keeping my PC so in order, because it ain’t going anywheres, so just send whatevers.  I just want the stuff I don’t want or need that is getting in my way outta here and hopefully to people it will be useful to.

It’ll just be a random stack of your team of choice, or non-random stack of set needs (or both), but should you offer up a hit or something #’ed in the email, I will very gladly return the favor for that.

And remember, my email is available via the link to my google account profile on the sidebar!!!!!

In other news, I need the good Troll’s address to send him some Pirates for the kids, and the now Pirate Japanese Aki card that turned out to be the boobie prize from my contest.  Brian, you’re winnins be on the way soon too!  Did second place and beyond ever choose the card they wanted?  Would like to get those sent one of these years too.  Need to move it along so I can have another contest on account of just passing 10,000 hits.

Also, who got the Hello There, Ball thing waaaay back in the day?  I’ve got a Zack Duke jersey card with their name on it (not literally, of course).

*Offer doesn’t apply to Cardinals or Red Sox, because the Red Sox are already part of a major trade, and the Cardinals will be soon, or the Rangers and Marlins, because I barely have any of them.  I have a disturbingly decent amount of Steelers and Cowboys (and probably a few other teams) football cards though, if anyone wants them though.

Another day, another time…

3 thoughts on “Frustration…

  1. Tim says:

    This might help/might not, but a little while back I knew I had an Upper Deck card that Thorzul needed to finish a set and told him I’d check for it at my parent’s house. I did have it, put it in a fancy sleeve, emailed him all excited, and was going to send it when I was back in my apartment in Indiana. Got back here after New Year’s and the card was…nowhere to be found. Not in my boxes. Not in my apartment. Not in my parent’s house (my brother’s couldn’t find it). Probably not in my girlfriend’s parent’s house (a quick stop in between, and the only place that hasn’t been checked, but I can’t see why it would be there). Literally just vanished, and it was the only card Thorzul needed for the set. Needless to say I was crushed, he still hasn’t completed the set, and I hope to someday find it (maybe in two weeks when I’ll be at the gf’s parent’s house) and send it to Thorzul, months late.

    Point being, it happens to us all (and I only have about 12 800 count boxes of cards total!). If Hill and Lue turn up then bonus, if they don’t then I will totally understand. And there’s no rush on time – I’m waiting on like 12 packages and 4 TTM’s, and I’d say that 11 of those packages (including the 4 TTM’s) are never coming. I know yours will come in time and that it’ll be chock full of goodies, so I’m not worried.

  2. Baseball Dad says:

    Slow down, take a deeeeep breath and remember ,this is not a life or death situation !!! Don’t lose too much sleep over Sandy.I sure won’t !! What helps me (sometimes!) is a plastic file box designed for 4×6 file cards.It has no lid but has alphabetical divider cards.If I run across something for,say, Carl Crawford Cards,it goes behind the “c” divider. Mark’s Ephemera, behind the “m” divider and so forth.This box sits on my desk right next to my PC, where I do most of my sorting and other baseball card stuff ! If it will help, sure, I’ll take all the Tribe cards you want to get rid of!

  3. Play at the Plate says:

    Lonestarr…no worries on the winnings! Take care of yourself, that’s most important. If no one claims any Twins, I’ll take some of them. I’ve got a stack of wrestling cards for you either way. Thanks!

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