Quickie Sketch

Sketch cards didn’t arrive today, so I’m gonna be even more pressed for time than I already was.  Awesomesnausages…

EDIT!: Sketch cards didn’t arrive because they were SENT on Friday.  Epic reading comprehension fail.  On the plus side, the deadline was pushed back a few days.  Also, though *debatably* on the plus side, I now have more free time to fight with my collection to try and get more packages ready to send.  Not debatably cuz I don’t wanna send stuff, I’m just sick of fighting with it.  Have I mentioned that yet?

Also really, really, REALLY debatably on the plus side, I get extra free time to figure how the hell I’m supposed to move two tables with close to 20 total precariously placed stacks of several thousand total random cards and likely most of the shit inside the closet itself out of the way so they can come in and put in completely unnecessary new closet doors, not to mention all the shit that has to be moved away from there has to somehow be moved out of the way so they can even get to the f*cking closet in the first f*cking place. sdfghkjjhgfdgsxfhgghdhfgsfjghgdfdbhjghxdzhxfhcgvbh

Whaddya mean CALM DOWN?!?!?  I AM CALM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here’s a quickie I drew on the back of one of my billions of sketch books recently though, perhaps it will lighten the mood:

Sometimes... your reaction to something comes out as a drawing. Now let us never speak of it again. Also, my block lettering skillz are as awesome as ever.

This only took me maybe seven-ish minutes to draw, quite possibly less.  I think the letters took almost as long as the drawing itself.  Guess it’s just like riding a bike or something, because I hadn’t drawn anything purely manga-style in ages.  But there ya go.  Manga by moi.

That’s all I got.  Nothing interesting to say…

I dunno, is it interesting that the money I won’t be spending on current cards this month will be used either Pokemon Heart Gold or Soul Silver instead?

Well, anyway… seeya tomorrow or whenever I have anything to post about. 😉

A Couple Small Trades

The come from Baseball Dad and Da Rook, respectively.  I will find the cards I’m looking for and send them to them in return for these beauties sooner or later.

Here’s what Baseball Dad sent:

A couple Rynos, Rod Carew for K-Mart, Frank Robinson, the First Clementes I've ever gotten in a trade, the rare set need card (Nobunaga), and LT aka the reason for the trade in the first place.

And, though I still can’t find the missing Alomar, this trade is finally mailer’d up and ready to go.  I did call his bluff and throw in an extra case & a half of random Indians cards though.

Now for the cards from Sarah:

Ichiro & Vlad toppstown golds, old school Ted, probably the coolest Tales of the Game insert, and possibly the only meaningful ticket in Ticket to Stardom..

Man, remember when everyone thought the Cubs horribly overpaid for Lilly?  He’s only gone on to become the most reliable pitcher in one of the better starting rotations in the league.  He’s like… the anchor that keeps them afloat.

And I mentioned the Shin-Soo Choo card might be the only one with a ticket to a meaningful game to the player depicted in the entire set.  Behold!

The only way it could've been better if the ticket was from the semifinal, but it's Ticket to Stardom, so I'll take what I can get. Also, it's #'ed 1/90, which is nice. Also, Jackie's legendarytastic World Series moment in text form. Reading is good.

Don’t see too many tickets from this where the player actually did something, so I was pleasantly surprised to get a memorable one.  Hopefully I can find the straggler and get the gaggle of Chippahs sent on their way soon.

Oh, my wantlist has been updated quite a bit.  Be sure to check it out!

Adieu, homies.