And Now, Poetry

Once Upon A Memory

They say

Every day

That it was always better

In the olden days

That now

The skies are dark & gray

And looking back

Is the only way

Nothing could be better

Than our golden age

No nothing could be greater

Than the games

We used to play

To remember the good times

We gloss over the bad

Shove to the back

The things that made us sad

But what about now

What about how

The things that bring joy

To this dark lonely day

So much to your dismay

Are today’s trials any worse

Than the things we used to curse

Do faces in the crowd

Still scream out loud

Crying out from the past

For a justice that lasts

Everyone looks the same

In, rose-tinted hues

But the bad things we’ve done

Must not be forgotten

When we look back through our past


It’s just as it is today

Darkness and light intermixed

Scales of color, scales of gray

And think

Once upon a memory

Things may be different now

The circumstances may have changed

But that doesn’t mean

We’re worse off than we were

And maybe

We are even still okay

Just a little something I whipped in about 30-35 minutes, just before I started this post.  Lemme know what you think!

Nope, I’m still on hiatus…

5 thoughts on “And Now, Poetry

  1. Bud Bareither says:

    Very nice!

    Sorry to get off topic but did you ever get those WBC cards I sent ya?

  2. Shane says:

    I like it, really good stuff!

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